English - Tagakaulo


angery, verynyatibal ya kadamanPhr.provoke or make someone to have intense anger toward another
angry all the time, cause s.o. to bepagpakadamanenVcause s.o. to be angry all the time
angry, bekadamankadamanvb.statbe angryunspec. comp. formnyatibal ya kadaman
angry, s.o. becamemigkadamanda.ˈmanvb.stats.o. became angry
angry, s.o. will bemadamanvb.stats.o. will be angry
animal, domesticated.ayepʔa.yɜpNdomesticated animalA person’s ayep is his livestock, pets, or any other kind of domestic animal. 1.6.1Types of animalsZoolzoologyder.ka-ayepan
animal, legs ofsiki 2si.kin.possdthe legs of any animal1.6.2.4Parts of an insect1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animal
animal, long,.skinny.ulud 1ʔu.ludNany long, skinny animal1.6.1Types of animalsder.pig-uludneg.ex.phrwala' uluda
animal, nursingmagkalmukan2 2kalmukanVnursing animalRefering to any mammal that nurses its young.
animal, taillessbukugbukugNtailless animal1.6.2Parts of an animal
animal, undomesticatedmannanap2mannanapNundomesticated animal1.6Animal
animalsmannanap1mannanapNMannanap is any kind of animals except humans.
animals that crawl on the groundmagpananap 2mag.pa.na.ˈnapn.massanimals that crawl on the groundThese include snakes, reptiles, etc.
animals, wildmangkalyawNwild animals
ankle, one’spanagingtingpanagiŋtiŋn.possdThe panagingting is the ankle of one’s foot. 2.1Body2.1.3.2LegAnatanatomy
anklet, brassbabatˈba.batNA babat is a brass anklet worn by Tagakaulu Kalagan women when they are dancing.A babat is a brass anklet worn by Tagakaulu Kalagan women when they are dancing.5.4.1JewelryMusmusic
anklets, usually of brass or bronzegalang1galaŋNbrass or bronze anklets
another kind of s.th.sangkapungan2puŋanVanother kind of s.th.
another onesambuk2sam.ˈbuukadjanother onesay.pagkasambuk na allawsay.pagkasambuk na gabisay.pagkasambuk na umay
answer for somethingmanubagVsomeone will answer or be accountable for something
answer for, things totubagenenNthings to answer forBefore one in authority.
answer, s.o.willtumubagRLtyumubagvb.utts.o.will answer
answered, s.o.tyumubagvb.utts.o. answered
ant, k.o.bawbawNk.o. antThis is a tiny, black ant that is found in cooking areas especially around sugar or sweet materials.
ant, k.o. blackalas2ʔa.lasNAlas is a kind of black ant whose characterized by a hard body, stinking odor, about 3 mm in length, not ferocious biters, move in a column, and often are found on coffee and other kinds of fruit trees.
ant, k.o. tiny blankbāwbāwbaawbaawNThe bāwbāw is a kind of tiny black ant that is often found in cooking areas especially near sweet foods.
ant, kind oftabuduk1 1ta.ˈbu.dukcftabuduk1tigasawNA variety of ant, brownish-red in color, and prefers make it’s nests in the branches of small trees and bushes as mud ball nest.It is the same ant as the tigasaw except where it makes its nest.Simtigasaw
ant, small blackananiling 2ʔa.na.ˈni.liŋNsmall black ant
ant, small redananiling 1ʔa.na.ˈni.liŋNAn ananiling is a small, red, non-biting ant.
ant, small red bitingamilˈʔa.milNa kind of small black biting ant. 1ka.ta.ˈbakNa kind of small red biting ant1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
anusbuwaw na tay 2buaw na tain.possdthe anus of an animal1.6.2Parts of an animal
anus, one’sbuwaw na tay 1buaw na taiNone's anus2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomy
anxietieskakaypenganVworries; cares; anxieties
anxiousmagkakamang ya ginawamagkakamaŋ ya ginawaPhr.anxious; concerned; worried
aphyxiatedmag-upukVwill be aphyxiated; smoked outSimka-ebelan
apologized, wassyumunggud2suŋgudVwas sorry; apologizedSyumunggud aku sa magulang ku kay migtanam kami duwambulan lyumabay.I +apologized to my older sibling because we have fought (each other) two months ago.
apparentbangal1SCE.apparent; clearder.bangalender.kabangalder.mabangalder.magkabangal3der.nyabangalder.pigbangal
appear from abovelugsadRLlyumugsad1SCE.appear from above
appear from above, willlugsadenVwill appear from above2.
appear to be good on the outside but bad on the inside, topiglapidcfmigtalalingupiglapidVfigto appear to be good on the outside but bad on the inside
appearance (as perceived by another), one’spagtandawNone’s appearance (as perceived by another)
appearedpiglugsadVappeared from aboveUsually applied to supernatural appears. It is to appear from nowhere, become visible to the eye.
appeared quickly from abovelyumugsad1 1lug.sadVappeared from above from the skyCan be said of a bird landing on someone or somethingSimtyumugpa'
apply solution from danggasay treedanggasendaŋgasVapply solution from danggasay tree on s.o.Danggasen ku ya pali' ku.I will apply danggasay solution to my wound.
apportion equally, totagélunVto apportion equally
apportions something, s.o.magbagi'Vs.o. apportions something
apportions things to many people, s.o.mangagi'Vs.o. apportions things to many people