English - Tagakaulo


arrow, double-barbed wiretimadtimadNA timad is a double-barbed wire arrow in which the barbs are set in reverse directions, making removal difficult and painful., shoot6.4.5.3Fishing equipment
arrow, double-hooked fishingsegbatˈsɜg.batinf. var.sebbatNA segbat is a double-hooked fishing arrow shot from a gun propelled by a rubber band and has a tie string connected to the arrow and is used for fishing larger fish.Simtalabed6.4.5.3Fishing equipment
arrow, single-hooked fishingtalunguntaluŋunNA talungun is a single-hooked fishing arrow use primarily for fishing for eel. equipment
arthritisdayuma'dayumaʔNarthritis; rheumatismSimilug2Medimedicineilug2ʔi.ˈlugNto suffer with arthritisSimdayuma'2.5.2DiseaseMedimedicine
as far astaman1 1tamanRLtyamanan2conjas far asSimmenda'der.katamanan2der.pigtamanan
as forsa4saconj.illust.as for
as soon astigkan 2tigkanAdvas soon as
ascend upwards (into mountains)saka 1.1ascend; to go upstreamprimascend upwards (into mountains)arch
ascend, tosaka 1sakaascend; to go upstreamSCE.to ascend
ash , airborne blackkuppungkup.puŋNKuppung is airborne black ash from burning fields, weeds, and trees.
ash, piledtimundu'ti.ˈmun.duʔSCE.piled ash or dirtCannot be used for a pile of rocks
ashamedlama' 2la.ˈmaʔvb.statIf a person is kalama', they are ashamed to do something.Kalama' ya adtu kaw i Malungun, ayin kaw tabangi?If you are ashamed to to go to Malungun, how can you be helped?magkamulamula2mulamulavb.statbecome ashamed; embarrassed; humiliated
ask a question to someone (cmd)usipaVask a question to someone (cmd)
ask a question to someone, willusipenVwill ask a question to someone
ask a question, s.o. willmusipʔusipVs.o. will ask a question3.5.1.5Ask
ask forsekat1sɜkatRLsyekatsyumekatSCE.ask forder.migsekat2der.pigsekat
ask for helpmigtabang2tabaŋask for help
ask questions about s.th., s.o. tomag-usipanenVs.o. to ask questions about s.th.
asked a question, s.o.nyusipʔusipVs.o. asked a question
asked for s.th.pigsekatVasked for s.th.; requested
asked for s.th. , s.o.migsekat2sɜkatVIf a person migsekat, they are asking for something to be given to them.3.3.2Request3.5.1.5Askder.magsekat
asked for s.th., s.o.syumekatVs.o. asked for s.th.
asked for, a thingsyekatNa thing asked forya syekat nanthe thing he asked for
asking for help or refuge, comedangep1daŋɜpSCE.come asking for help or refugeder.dangepander.dumangep2
asks for s.th. , s.o. habituallymagsekatVs.o. habitually asks for s.th.
assasnuNass; donkeyThere are no asses or donkeys in Mindanao that I am aware of and certainly none in the Tagakaulo areas
assemblebala2ˈba.laSCE.assembleder.kabala3mig‑imo'ˈʔi.moʔVIf a person mig-imo' something, she made something.Mig-imo' aku sa ingkudanan.He made a chair.sugpatsugpat 1sugpatsugpatSCE.join; assembleder.pig‑isugpatsugpat
assembled, bekabala3ˈba.lavb.statbe assembledWala' pa kabala ya tulay dun.The bridge has not yet been assembled (but all the materials are there).
assembling of materials to start a fire, thepagdulukVthe assembling of materials to start a fire
assign the value of the bride-price tokensmagbaniwesVassign the value of the bride-price tokens
assisttalabanta.ˈla.banSCE.assist; helpThis kind of help is to assist others in doing something like moving a house.Simtabang24.3.4.2Help
assistedpigtabanganVhelp someone
associated with someone else, s.o. becamemigkasambukVs.o. became united / associated with someone else
associatesmigsambuk 2Vs.o. associates; joins in with
asthmatic condition, kind ofbasnawabasnawaNkind of asthmatic condition2.5.1SickMedimedicine
astonishedennengenneng1ʔɜnnɜŋɜnnɜŋSCE.astonished; amazed, marvel atder.nya-enengenengnya-enengenengʔɜnnɜŋɜnnɜŋVs.o. is astonished; amazed, marvel at
astringentkasapledvb.statbe astringent2.3.3Taste
astringent tastesapled1saplɜdSCE.astringent taste2.3.3Tasteder.kasapledder.masapled2
atadti2 2ˈʔad.tiprepat
at one’s side , s.o. is habituallymagtangkil2taŋkilVs.o. is habitually at one’s side
at thesa3saconj.simult-eventat the
at the back ofpitadtuspatl.deitic at the back oftadtupron.spat.demonat the back of
at, thereadtu ni 1ˈʔad.tu niDemonstrativethere LOCid.aadtu i
ate by pecking seednyanubugtubugVate by pecking seedNyanubug sa umay ya maya.The ricebird eats by +pecking the rice.
ate by pecking seedspyanubugVate by pecking seeds
ate grain kernelspyanebtebVate grain kernels
ate our of same plate or bowl, s.o.syumaluVs.o. ate our of same plate or bowl
atrophied, s.o.’s appendage isnyakippisVs.o.’s appendage is shriveled up; atrophiedSaid of a person’s arm or leg