English - Tagakaulo


compartments in backpack or pursepu‑ut sa kabilNcompartments in backpack or purse
compassionkallat 1kaal.laatRLkyallatVcompassionder.kallatander.nyallat
compassion toward s.o., show (command)kallatanVshow mercy to s.o.; show compassion to s.o. (cmd)
complain about s.t.pigdiklamuwanVcomplain about s.t.; complain to s.o
complain to s.opigdiklamuwanVcomplain about s.t.; complain to s.o
complaintdiklamu1diklamuNIf a person has a diklamu, he has a complaint against someone else.der.diklamu2
completekasamani2samancfkasamani2katalangapivb.statIf someone says it is not possible to kasamani something, it can not be completely done.Used for things that can be counted such as beads. Athough there are many they are finite, i.e. it is possible to count each piece.lingeb1liŋɜbSCE.whole; completeder.malingebder.nyalingeb2der.pakalingebpakalingebVable to be complete; made wholesaman1samanRLkyasamananvb.statthorough; completeder.kasamani2der.nyakasamander.samanensambatsambatVcomplete; wholeSynnyalingeb2der.magsambattigkas1 2tigkasvb.statCompleteder.katigkas1der.katigkasan2der.matigkas2der.nyatigkasder.pagkatigkas
complete prohibitiontagmuntag.munvb.auxcomplete prohibitionSimpigil1
complete something (the whole thing), willmalingebVwill complete something (the whole thing)Simtigkas1 1
complete, full, and beautifuldegmaˈSCE.complete, full, and beautifulder.madegma'
complete, full, and beautiful, s.th is deemedmadegma'vb.statsomething is deemed complete, full, and beautifulSaid in the context of a woman’s ornamental comb [suwat], it has many strings of colorful beads, mirrors, hair [ayuba] and bong.
completednyalingeb2liŋɜbVcompletedSimnyatigkasSynsambatpagkatigkaspagkatigkasconjfinished; completed9.2.5.3Sentence conjunctions
completelyubus2ʔu.busvb.auxcompletelyDili' nilan ubusun atag ya eleg.They did not completely give the proceeds from the sale.
completionkatigkasan2tigkasvb.statcompletion; finish
complicatedmigsagel2sagɜlv.phrIf a person says migsagel ya talabahu, he is saying his work is complicated because there are so many things to do.
comprehendmakalabetVsomeone will be able to understandpaka͡apetVable to comprehendWala' pakapet ya anenganeng nilan sa piglong nan.Their minds were not able to comprehend the meaning of his words.Used with the negative existential “wala'”. This is referring to the deep meaning of something.
concave in shape, verysalikukungsalikukuŋadjvery concave in shape2.3.1.8Appearance
conceive, a woman willmaglamanmag.la.ˈmanVa woman will conceiveMaglaman ya kobayan ku.My wife will conceive.
conceived, s.o.miglamān2 1miglamānVs.o. conceived2.6.4Stage of life
concentrate ontikna͡ed1tikna͡ɜdSCE.concentrate on / determined effortder.magtikna͡ed2der.migtikna͡ed
concentrate on / determined effortmagtikna͡ed2tikna͡ɜdVconcentrate on / determined effortDili' aku magtikna͡ed sa talabahu.I can not concentrate on work.
concernedmagkakamang ya ginawamagkakamaŋ ya ginawaPhr.anxious; concerned; worried
conclusion of s.th., successfulalayunVsuccessful conclusion of s.th.
concoction of sulfur and tree sapkamandagkamandagNKamandag is a kind of poison made from sulfur from Mt. Apo and tree sap used to kill people with.
concord, have withpag‑isambukVunity among people
concuruyun1 1ʔuyunSCE.agree with; concur3.2.5.4Agree with someoneder.ka-uyunan2der.uyunan2
condemnmagpa-emel-emelVsomeone will punish (usually severely)
conduct a legal hearing, s.o. willmag-usay1ʔusayVs.o. will conduct a legal hearing4.7.4Court of law
conducted a legal hearing, s.o.mig-usay2ʔusayVs.o. conducted a legal hearing
confluence of the Malaygang and Lumabat RiversSabang MalaygangSabaŋ Malaygaŋn.properconfluence of the Malaygang and Lumabat RiversSabang Malaygang is the original name for village of San Juan, brgy. San Juan and is at the confluence of the Malagang stream to the Lumabat River.
confluence, where a small streamsabang1sabaŋRLsyumabang2Nwhere a small stream merges into a larger stream; confluence1.3.1.3RiverGeoggeography
confuse s.o., willbelengbelengenVwill confuse s.o.
confusednyabelengbeleng2bɜlɜŋbɜlɜŋVIf a person says his is nyabelengbeleng, he is confused about something.
confused about s.th., caused to becomepigpakabelengbelengVcaused to become confused about s.th.
confusion, state ofkabelengbelengvb.statstate of confusionder.pigpakabelengbeleng
congestion in lungsmigpelVcongestion in lungs2.5.1Sick2.5.6Symptom of disease2.5.2Disease
congregate together (chickens)nyakupkupVcongregate together (chickens) movement1.6.1.2Bird
congregate together, s.th. is caused topa-elepan2ʔɜlɜpVs.th. is caused to congregate togetherKawuy na pa-elepan na patyukan.The tree where the honeybees will congregate (to make a honeycomb hive.)
congregatedmig-alulun2ʔa.ˈlu.lunVWhen flies gather on the bodies of animals especially water buffalo, horses, and pigs they mig-alulun.
congregates together, s.th.nyelep2ʔɜlɜpVs.th. congregates togetherSaid of honeybees.
congregating together atalulunanʔa.ˈlu.lunVcongregating together atAlulunan na tigasaw ya sukal.The tigasaw ants are congregating at the sugar.
connectionga͡utga͡utNprima connection
conquer something, willpa-agawunˈʔa.gawVIf a people will pa-agawun they will conquer and seize the possessions of their enemy.
conquerednya-agawVsomeone seized a place or person