English - Tagakaulo


costgastugastuNexpense; cost
cotton cloth used for skirtstadyungtadyuŋNcotton cloth used for skirts5.3Clothing
cotton dress materialpingkalpiŋkalNPingkal is brightly colored and often flowered cotton material used for making dresses and garments.
cotton plantgapasgapasNThe cotton plant and fruitGapas was introduced into the Tagakaulo area as a economic plant.1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
coucal, lesser.saguksuk 2sa.guk.sukNa Lesser coucalCentropus bengalensis philippinensis1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
coughnyubu1Vcough2.2.2Cough, sneezeubu1 1ʔu.buNa cough2.5.1Sick2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.5.2Disease2.3.2.3Types of soundsder.mubuder.nyubu1der.nyubu2ubu1 2ʔu.buSCE.coughder.mubuder.nyubu1der.nyubu2
cough, deepeka'ʔɜ.kaʔn.possddeep cough2.5.1Sick2.2.2Cough, sneeze
cough, hacking withpigkelkelVhacking with cough2.5.1Sick2.5.6Symptom of disease
cough, one’s persistantkelkel1kɜlkɜln.possda persistent cough2.5.1Sick2.2.2Cough, sneezeMedimedicineder.pigkelkel
cough, willmubuʔu.buvb.proc.bodwill cough2.2.2Cough, sneeze
coughednyubu2ʔu.buvb.proc.boda person coughed2.2.2Cough, sneeze
could not, willdi'negwill not; could not
counsellormagpalna‑uway2Nadvisor; counsellor
count by twostag duwaduwatag duwaduwav.phrcount by twos8.1.1Number
count s.th.pig-iyapʔiyapVcount s.th.
count s.th., williyapenʔiyapVwill count s.th.
counted, s.o.mig-iyap2ʔiyapVs.o. counted
counting sticks used in bride pricebaniwisba.ˈni.wisNBaniwis is the counting sticks used in the bartering process in the negotiations for a bride-price where each stick represents a set value agreed upon by the parties involved.
countrybanwa 2ˈban.waNland; country1.2.1Landid.kadakula' na banwacomp.tagbanwa
court each other, boy and girl topag-ikamangayVboy and girl to court each other
court yardpamanag 2pamanagNcourt yard
courting, manmangugmanayNman courting
cousinkaylug3 1ʔilugvb.statcousinmaylug3ʔilugvb.statcousin or sibling
cover a dagum blousepandagumVcover a dagum blouse
cover a dwelling with a roof, s.o. willmag-atepVs.o. will cover a dwelling with a roof
cover and stripkuskus1kuskusSCE.cover and stripUsed in the context of what locust do to field. They land in large numbers and completely cover the maise, or coconut, or any plant, and strip it of leaves, leaving only a bare stalk.der.kyakuskusan
cover completely overlanang1lanaŋRLlyumanang2SCE.cover completely overSaid of liquids
cover completely with watertandep1tandɜpSCE.cover completely with water
cover overtabuntabunSCE.cover over As when planting seed6.2Agricultureder.katabunantampeng1 1tampɜŋSCE.cover over der.makatampengder.pagtampengder.pigtampengder.tampengander.tampengentengepSCE.cover overder.katengepan
cover over for s.o.akupi2ʔakupVcover over for s.o.; include
cover over s.th., s.th. will be able tomakatampengVs.th. will be able to cover over s.th.
cover over th to protect it (like a hen)ebe-an2ʔɜbɜʔVcover over s.th. to protect it (like a hen) from trouble
cover over to protect (like a hen)ebe'1ʔɜbɜʔSCE.cover over to protect (like a hen)der.ebe-an2der.mag-ebe'
cover over with whole bodykubkub1kub.kubRLkyumubkub2SCE.cover over with whole bodykyumubkub2kub.kubVIf a person or animal is kyumubkub by something, it is covered over or layed upon by its whole body such as a eagle capturing a chicken.
cover over with, s.th. topagtampengVs.th. to cover over with
cover over, willlumanangVwill cover over
cover s.th. with lidsangkubsaŋkubSCE.cover s.th. with lid7.3.7Coverder.pigsangkubder.pigsangkuban
cover something over, willbunbunanVwill cover something over
cover up s.th. [pl.], cause topantampengVcause to cover up s.th. [pl.]
cover with a blanket while sleepingtaklebanVcover over with a blanketSimmagtaleb
covered over (and eating), s.th. to be completelykyakuskusanvb.stats.th. to be completely covered over (and eating)
covered over , s.th. ispigtampengpig.tam.pɜŋVs.th. is covered over
covered over , s.th. will betampengentam.pɜ.ŋɜnVs.th. will be covered over
covered over withlyumeke'Vsomething or a place is covered over with smoke or dustSaid of smoke or dust in the air.
covered over with water, s.th. was completelytyumandep2tandɜpVs.th. was completely covered over with water
covered over, completelytabultabulSCE.completely covered over
covered s.th. with a lidpigsabanVcovered s.th. with a lidPigsaban ku ya utan.I covered the viand (that was cooking).
covered upon enmassalalunan 1.1If a horse or water buffalo is mig-alalunan, it covered with swarming insects.Mig-alalunan ya kuda' sa manga mannanap.The horse was +covered +enmass with (insects) animals.
covered with rockskabatuwankabatuwanvb.statcovered with rocks1.2.2.2Rock