English - Tagakaulo


cucumberbugsulbugsulNa cucumberSimtimun1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotanytimuntimunNthe cucumber vine and its fruitSimbugsul5. from fruit1.5.3.1garden food plants1.5.5Parts of a plantBotbotany
cultivate soil by loosening it (shallow), willdugkalencfdugkalendugkalenkalkalkutkut1Vwill cultivate soil by loosening it (shallow)Usually with a weeding tool (guna) or weeding knife (salungsung).
cup of s.th., one fourthsakal 2.1If a container or cup of liquid is kasakalan, it is only one fourth full.Simkapi18.1.1.6Fraction
cup, atabu'2tabuʔNcup
current, strongmaslegmaas.lɜgvb.statIf a person says that the river or stream is masleg, he means it is flowing swiftly and has a strong current.Masleg ya tubig.The water has a +strong +current. ya tubig
cursebusungbu.ˈsuŋSCE.divine retribution; cursetullun1tullunNcurseder.kyatullunander.magpanullunder.nyanullunder.pigtullun2der.tullunun
curse, put a curse onnyanullunVsomeone put a curse on-pl
cursed and dyingpanginpusVsomething or someone is cursed and dying with no hope of survival
cursive letters (literacy)pinakatayNcursive letters (literacy)
curtainkayad 1kayadNA kayad is a curtain hung inside a house.Simbiday5.1.1Furniture5.3Clothingder.kayadan
curtain, largebidaybidayNA biday is any kind of curtain-like covering used to divide one area from another.Simkayad 1der.pigbiday
customkatanemkatanɜmNA group of people's katanem, is their traditions, customs, ways of doing things.
cut a pattern (for clothes)tabas1tabasSCE.cut a pattern (for clothes)5.4Adornment7.8.3Cut
cut a piece of bamboo in half, willilu-unVwill cut a piece of bamboo in half7.8.3Cut
cut apart crosswiseutud1ʔutudSCE.cut apart crosswiseder.nyanutudder.pig-utudder.utudun
cut bamboo at a jointpata-unVcut bamboo at a joint
cut bamboo crosswiseilu'SCE.cut bamboo crosswise7.8.3Cutder.ilu-un
cut cogon grassgettabgɜttabVcut cogon grassThe cogon grass is cut close to the ground and bundled. The bundles are then used for roofing for thatched roofs.
cut crosswise in measured sectionsgetedgɜtɜdSCE.cut crosswise in measured sectionsA section of meat, fish, tree7.8Divide into piecesder.getedender.sanggeted
cut crosswise into measured sections, willgetedenVwill cut crosswise into measured sections
cut down a stalk or large plant with a knifepigtubatubaVcut down a stalk or large plant with a knifetuba1tubaSCE.cut down a stalk or large plant with a knifeder.manubader.nyanubader.pigtubader.tuba͡en
cut down a stalk or large plant with a knife, willtuba͡entubaVIf a person will tuben a stalk of bananas in order to get the fruit or large plant, he has will fell or cut it down with a knife. Tuben mu ya saging.I will +cut +down the stalk of bananas +with a +knife.7.8.3Cut
cut down rice stubblelati'1latiʔSCE.cut down rice stubbleder.maglati'2
cut down stalks with knife, s.o.nyanubatubaVs.o. cut down stalks with knife
cut down stalks with knife, s.o. willmanubatubaVs.o. will cut down stalks with knifeManuba' aku.I will +cut +down +stalks of bananas +with a +knife.
cut down, s.o.migpilaVs.o. cut down7.8.3Cut
cut elephant or sword grass for roofinggatabanVcut elephant or sword grass for roofing
cut grass, weedspag-alabasVcut grass, weeds
cut off antlers. or hornsnyasupu'2supuʔVcut off antlers. or horns
cut off at stalktabas2tabasSCE.cut off at stalk7.8.5Make hole, opening7.8.3Cut
cut off close to ground, willsakapen2sakapVIf someone will sakapen a tree or plant, they will cut it off as close as possible to the ground.Sakapen mayu ya pag-utud sa kawuy.You-pl. will +cut the tree as +close to the +ground as possible. 7.8.5Make hole, opening7.8.3Cut
cut off close to the groundsakap1sakapSCE.cut off close to the groundder.sakapen2
cut off horns (of a animal)supu'1su.puʔSCE.cut off horns (of a animal)der.nyasupu'2
cut off toppuwaspuwasSCE.cut off top Of coconut, betel nut, vegetables
cut off, bemabugtu'Vbe severed from
cut open betel nut, willpapama-enVwill cut open betel nutPapama-en ku ya kalisaw.I will prepare the betel nut (by cutting it in half).The nut is sliced in half which makes the two halves of a sandwich. Then the lime paste in put on each half and then the two halves are place together again. The pepper leaf and sometimes tabacco leave is then wrapped around the whole thing and placed in the mouth.
cut s.th. apart crosswise, willutudunʔutudVwill cut s.th. apart crosswise7.5.1.1Separate, scatter7.8.5Make hole, opening7.8.3Cut
cut s.th. square and evenpatagpatagSCE.cut s.th. square and evender.patagan
cut s.th. to size and shape for use (wood or bamboo)piggata2gataVIf a man piggata some bamboo, he stripped off the leaves, cut the sticks to size and shape for a specific use.6.5.3Building materials
cut section of bamboopata'pataʔNA pata' of bamboo is section with one end open.der.pata-un
cut smooth and clean in s.th., make aillu-unVmake a cut smooth and clean in s.th.Said of finishing a piece of wood; to give it a smooth, clean surface.7.8.3Cut
cut through in one side blow, willambesen2ˈʔam.bɜsVIf a man ambesen he will cut through with a sword his enemy with one side blow.Simtibasen
cut through in one strokeambes1ˈʔam.bɜsSCE.cut through in one strokeSimpila1der.ambesen2
cut through vines attached to treespanapkapenVcut through vines attached to trees
cut to a measured specificationpataganVcut to a measured specification; trim off
cut to size and shape bamboo or wood, willgata͡enVwill cut to size and shape bamboo or wood
cut to size and shape for use (wood or bamboo)gata1gataSCE.cut to size and shape for use (wood or bamboo)der.gata͡ender.piggata2
cut up meat of butchered animallapa'1lapaʔSCE.cut up meat of butchered animalder.miglapa'2
cut up the flesh of butchered animal, s.o.miglapa'2lapaʔVIf a person miglapa', they are cutting up a butchered pig, chicken, fish, or any kind of animal that is normally eatened. Miglapa' aku sa taku'.I +cut +up the pig.