English - Tagakaulo


casketlungunluŋunNA lungun is a casket, the box used for burying dead people in.
cassavakasila' kawuykasilaʔ kawuyn.phr.cassava plant and its rootalso called manioc and is the source f or tapioca.Manibot esculenta5.2Food1.5.3.4edible rootsBotbotany
cassava pancakepanyalamNcassava pancake
cassava, mashed cookedlusuk na kasila' kawuyPhr.mashed cooked cassavaUsually mashed with a pointed stick
cast metal, will s.th.tu-angentu.ʔaŋVwill s.th. cast metal1.2.2.3Metal
cast s.th. with firepigtu-angtu.ʔaŋVIf something metal or a clay pot will be tu-angen, it will be cast or hardened by heating in a hot fire.
casting spells, one whose business istalagamutantalagamutanNprimone whose business is casting spells
castor bean plantpulikaypu.li.ka͡iNcastor bean plantA small plant whose inedible fruit bean produces a light oil used for lubricating machines.1.5.2Bush, shrub
castratetalintalinSCE.castrate2.6.5.1Man1.6.7Male and female animals
castrated boartalingNcastrated boar1.6.7Male and female animals1. animalsZoolzoology
cat, wild.laglagNa wild catyellow in color1.
cat.(generic)miyawmiyawNcat (generic)
catch fish using a netbiyala2biyalaVcatch fish using a netManiyala aku adun.I will go fishing for fish with a net today. with net
catch s.th. as it is flying through the airtamuktamukSCE.catch s.th. as it is flying through the airSimsalu'der.tamukun
catch something falling from abovesalu'SCE.catch something falling from aboveSimtamuk
catch to keep from fallingsakgawsakgawto snatch; to keep from fallingSCE.snatch; catch to keep from falling
catch.a.glance.ofsalinapRLkyasalinapanSCE.catch a glance of2.3.1.1Lookder.kasalinapi
caterpillar, stinginglalāla.ˈlaRLkyalala͡anNa kind of stinging caterpillarThis kind of caterpillar produces an itch, burning at the place of contact with the skin.
catfishkatitu'Na catfishA kind of freshwater fish found in swampy areas1.6.1.5FishZoolzoology
caught inkalitaganVbecome ensnared in
caught on, securelynyakaganget2ˈga.ŋɜtVsecurely caught onDili' mu ma-ubad ya eket yan kay nyakaganget adti seled.You will no be able to untie the rope because it is +securely +caught on something inside.
cause a disturbancegubut1gubutSCE.riot; cause a disturbanceSynsamuk1der.piggubut2
cause a disturbance, peoplepiggubut2gubutVpeople riot; cause a disturbance
caused s.th. to grow bigger, s.o. or s.th.migpatulinVs.o. or s.th. caused s.th. to grow bigger
causualties of battlelamputalidVmany people are laying on the ground deadThe aftermath of a big battle.Simpigpatay
cave openinglungibNan opening into a cave that is largeSimilib
cease from doing something, caused topagpatenengVcaused to cease from doing something
ceiling joist of a roof, horizontalbatanganba.ta.ŋancfbatangansalaguntingNrafter of a roof
center, exacttenga‑tenga'2tɜŋa.ʔtɜŋaʔNexact center
centipedeulépanʔu.le.panunspec. var.ulaipanNcentipede1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology
chainsangkali'saŋkaliʔNchain6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.4.1Rope, string
chairingkudanan 1ʔiŋkudananNAn ingkudanan is anything that serves as something to sit on such as a chair, a stool, or a bench.
chancenaka- 1.1Afx.by chance; happen to
chance, byladyawanladyawanSCE.by chance
changeuman3ˈʔu.manVchange; repairder.ma-umander.mag-umanusud1ʔusudSCE.change; alterder.pig-usudder.usudun
change or alter s.th.pig-usudʔusudVchange or alter s.th.
change or alter s.th., willusudunʔusudVwill change or alter s.th.
change statetimbuluySCE.change state; metamorphosis
change to s.th.else, s.th. willmag-umanVs.th. will change to s.th.else
change, beka-umanvb.statbe changeneg.ex.phrwala' ka-uman
change, did notwala' ka-umanPhr.did not change
changing shadows, alwaysmig-alin-alin2ʔˈa.li.ˈna.linValways changing shadowsSaid of light and shadows
chant used when planting ricepangiyas 2.1Nprima chant used when planting rice
character, goodmadyaw ya betadj.Phr.good character
character, one’sbet 2bɜɜtNone’s character2Personid.madyaw ya betid.malat ya betder.manimbet
character, sobertikbeltikbɜlSCE.sober characterSaid of one who is clear-thinking, uses common-sense, is not boastful or malicious, and not influenced by the emotions of others.id.tikbel ya anenganeng