English - Tagakaulo


charcoalulingʔuliŋNUling is charcoal. product
charcoal, hotbaga na ulingPhr.hot charcoalThis is usually charcoal made of coconut shells--paya'
charge against an enemy forcesalumpaksalumpakSCE.charge against an enemy force
charmpangiyas 1paŋiyasNA pangiyas is an idol or charm used to contact spirits by the cliffs.4.9.4Miracle, supernatural power4.9.8.1Idol
charm medicine, kind ofbengatbɜŋatNA bengat is a kind of charm which has magical powers to inflict sickness or prevent sickess.
chase aroundbutun2SCE.chase around
chastity shield of coconut shell, girl'spuki 1pukiNA puki was a chastity shield worn by girl's and was made of coconut shell.
ChayotesayotisayotiNprimChayoteSechium edule
check over by traveling??gudgudungudgudVcheck over by traveling??Gudgudun ya inagiyan nan.
checkup.ontanaw1tanawSCE.checkup on2.3.1.1Lookder.magpakatanawder.pakatanawan2
cheeks, one’spisngipis.ŋin.possdA person's cheeks of their face2.1.1HeadAnatanatomy
cheer, kind ofwalu, walu, walucfwalu, walu, waluwettayPhr.kind of cheerUsually expressed at a horse fight, or at an event where something unexpectedly exciting happens.
chest, one’saba 1ʔa.ˈban.possdThe chest area of any human or animal1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile2.1.2Torso1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animalAnatanatomy
chest, wood storagekabankabanNwood storage chest
chestnut-headed.bee-eaterkabukabu2Na chestnut-headed bee-eater1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
chew betel nut togethermagmama-ayVchew betel nut together
chew down hardkebkeben2kɜbkɜbVIf a person kebkeben a tablet of medicine, he is chew or bite down hard on it in order to break it up.
chew down on s.th.sepa-ensɜ.paʔɜnVchew down on s.th., chew2.1.1.4Mouth
chew it -cmdsepa-aVchew it -cmd
chew onpangitpaŋitSCE.chew or gnaw on
chew repeatedlysepa-sepa'SCE.chew repeatedly
chew tobacconyanigi 2nyanigiVsecchew tobacco
chew without teethgamelgamelSCE.chew without teethder.maggamelgamel
chewing betel nut, customarily socialize throughmagmama'2mamaʔVIf a person says she magmama', she customarily socializes with others by chewing betel nut.
chews who no longer has teeth, s.o.maggamelgamelVs.o. chews who no longer has teeth
chicken (food)manuk 2ma.nuukNfood dish of chicken usually served as a main course5.2Food5.' na manuk
chicken mites (on one's clothes and bedding)upaw1ˈʔu.paoNchicken mites (on one's clothes and bedding)Simbabeng1sisip1.6.1.7Insect
chicken mites, process of being infested withsisipen2si.si.pɜnVprocess of being infested with chicken mitesSisipen ya manuk ku.My chickens have chicken mites.
chicken mites, s.o. or s.th. was infested withpigsisippig.si.sipVs.o. or s.th. was infested with chicken mites
chicken poxususʔususNUsus is chicken pox. disease2.5.1Sick
chicken, domesticated.manuk 1ma.nuukNany kind of domesticated chicken1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithologyid.ise' na manuk
chicken, poulet.dumalagadumalagaNa poulet chicken that is a hen that is still too young to lay eggs. life cycleOrnornithology
chicken, wild.iyalas 1ʔiyalasNthe indigenous red jungle fowl They habitate in which live in the bamboo junglesGallus gallus gallus1.6.7Male and female animals1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
child in family, oldestpanggadan magulangpaŋgadan magulaŋn.phr.The panggadan magulang is the oldest child in a family. by birth2.6.4.2Child
child of one gender, onlybugtungbugtuŋSCE.only child of one gender
child of parents, onlytamisatamisavb.statIf a child is a tamisa, she is the only child of her parents.2.6.3Birth4.1.9.1Related by birth2.6.4.2Child
child, family's youngestsilaksilakn.possdA family's youngest child is their silak.Synutut1 22.6.3Birth2.6.4.2Child
child, one’sise' 1ʔi.sɜʔn.possda person’s child2.6.4.2Childder.ise-anid.ise' na ambakid.ise' na manukder.magpaka-ise'der.maka-ise'der.mangayse'der.pag-ise'der.pig-ise-ander.pig-ise'
child, one’s oldestkalakala1 1kalakalan.possdone’s oldest child4.1.9.1Related by birth2.6.4.2Childder.pakakalakala2
child, the crazykalakala1 2kalakalaNthe crazy childder.pakakalakala2
childbirth, assist inseday1sɜdaySCE.assist in childbirthder.magsedayi1der.pagsedayen2
childrenkamangayse-ananverb.noun.phr.childrenmangayse'maŋaysɜʔNchildren4.1.9.1Related by birth2.6.4.2Child
chin, animal’skeke'1 2kɜ.kɜʔn.possdthe chin of any animal that has one1.6.2Parts of an animalder.pigpaneke'2
chin, one’skeke'1 1kɜ.kɜʔn.possdperson's chinPig-uyut nan ya keke' ku kay kallatan aku nan.He took hold of my chin because I am compassionately loved by him. 2.1.1HeadAnatanatomyder.pigpaneke'2
chip of woodinukbangʔinukbaŋNchip of wood
chips off from s.th. hard, easilykebbang1kɜbbaŋvb.stateasily chips off from s.th. hardder.makebbang2
chips off from s.th. hard, s.th. easilymakebbang2kɜbbaŋvb.statIf Said of something hard and fragile a piece of it easily chipped off if one is not careful.
choke on foodbekegˈbɜ.kɜgSCE.choke on foodbu-ulbu.ʔulSCE.choke on foodFood that gets stuck in one’s throat.
choke or strangle s.o.tigeltigɜlSCE.choke or strangle s.o.