English - Tagakaulo


choosepalli'1 1palliʔSCE.chooseder.pagpamalli'der.pamalli-en2der.pigpamalli'2palli'1 2palliʔIf a person nyamalli' something, she has chosen it as one out of many to chose from.'der.pamalli-en2der.pigpamalli'2
choose one out of manypamalli'pamalliʔvb.causchoose one out of manyder.kyapamalli-ander.nyamalli'
choose one out of many, willpamalli-en2palliʔVIf someone pamalli-en something, they will choose the one they want out the many items, people, choices to select from.
chop into small piecessaksak1saksakcut into small piecesSCE.chop into small piecesder.magsaksak2der.migsaksakder.pigsaksak2der.saksakader.saksakan2der.saksaken2der.saksaki2
chop it into small piecessaksakaVchop it into small pieces
chop s.th. into small piece for mesaksaki2saksakVchop s t into small piece for me
chop s.th. into small pieces, willsaksaken2saksakVwill chop s t into small pieces
chopped into small pieces, the thing beingsaksakan2saksakVthe thing being chopped into small pieces
chopped s t into small piecespigsaksak2saksakVchopped s t into small pieces
chopped something into small pieces, s.o.migsaksakVs.o. chopped something into small piecesMigsaksak kaw sa mamukaw.You chopped up the mamukaw leaves (to be used for pig food).7.8.3Cut
chopped up a person with a knifepigpang-ulaga͡an2ʔulagaVchopped up a person with a knife
chopped up s.o. with a knifepig-ulaga͡anVchopped up s.o. with a knife
chopping s.th. into small pieces, habit ofmagsaksak2saksakVhabit of chopping s t into small pieces7.8.3Cut
chose one out of manypigpamalli'2palliʔVchose one out of many
chosen (from many), s.o. isnyamalli' 1Vs.o. is chosen (from many)
chosen by someone, the thingkyapamalli-anVthe thing chosen by someone
chosen from all the rest, a thingpagpamalli'Na thing chosen from all the rest
chuckle to oneselfbulitekbulitɜkVIf a person is nyabulitek, they are pleasantly amused and are chuckling to themselves. Simikel1der.nyabulitek
churchsimbahanNchurch; place of worship
church, go topigsimba 2Vgo to church
cicadalaylaylai.laiNa cicadaA flying insect which is noted for the raspy buzzing noise it makes while resting in trees. It appears on a cycle of a certain number of years.
cicada, kind ofsapulingsapuliŋNk.o. of cicadaMakes a very noisy rattling sound.Zoolzoology
cigarettesigupan1sigupanNA sigupan is a cigarette.der.migsigupan2
circumcisedtuli'SCE.circumcisedex.phr.abus da tuli-ader.katuli'der.pigtuli'der.tuli-enneg.ex.phrwala' tuli-a
circumcised someonepigtuli'Vcircumcised someone
circumcised, was alreadyabus da tuli-aPhr.was already circumcised
circumcised, was notwala' tuli-aPhr.was not circumcised
circumcised, will betuli-enVwill be circumcised
circumcized, notwala' katuli'Phr.not circumcized
cirumcised, bekatuli'vb.statbe cirumcisedneg.ex.phrwala' katuli'
civet, palm.mile'mi.lɜʔNpalm civetParadoxrus philippinensis
clam, smalltuway2Na small clam1.6.1.9Small animalsZoolzoology
clamp betweenligpit1ligpitRLkyaligpitan2SCE.primclamp betweenSimsaligpit
clamp one’s teethulitebʔulitɜbSCE.clamp one’s teeth
clamp teeth togethermagpangulitebVclamp teeth together2.1.1.5Tooth2.1.1.4Mouth
clamping bamboo strip of roofligpitay1ligpitayNclamping bamboo strip of roof 6.5.2Parts of a building6.5Working with buildings
clamping devicekumpitkumpitNclamping deviceUsually used for holding hair.ligpitay2ligpitayNA ligpitay is any kind of clamping device such as a clothespin, tweezers, the front arms of a crab, or hair clamp.
clan leader, traditional Tagakaulo-Kalaganmakabatug 1makabatugNA makabatug is the traditional Tagakaulo-Kalagan clan leader.
clarified somethingpigbangalVmade understandably clear
clarifysadsad1 2sadsadder. ofsadsad1 2clarifySCE.Of reading and hearingder.sadsadan2der.pigsadsadan
claw nail, animalkakulun 3kakulunn.possdclaw nail of an animal1.6.2.2Parts of a reptile1.6.2.5Parts of small animals1.6.2.1Parts of a bird1.6.2Parts of an animalAnatanatomy
clawedpigkambang2kambaŋVIf someone or some animal pigkambang, it was clawed by an animal such as a cat.
cleanlinis1linisSCE.cleander.kyalinisander.linisider.magkalinis2der.malinisder.piglinisanmalignasVcleanSaid of a house that has been scrubbed clean.
clean animal entrailsinayʔinayclean animal entrails
clean by rubbing with waterbunakbunakSCE.clean by rubbing with waterder.bunakander.bunakider.migbunak2der.pigbunakan
clean by scraping or shavingkiskis 1kiskisSCE.clean by scraping or shaving
clean by scrubbingbagnasˈbag.nasSCE.clean by scrubbing5.6Cleaningder.bagnasander.bagnasider.kabagnasander.magbagnasder.mamagnasder.migbagnas2der.pigbagnas2