English - Tagakaulo


clean by scrubbing s.th.pigbagnas2ˈbag.nasVclean by scrubbing s.th. 5.6.1Clean, dirty
clean by scrubbing s.th. , willbagnasanVwill clean by scrubbing s.th. 5.6.1Clean, dirty
clean for s.o. , makelinisiVmake clean for s.o.
clean it (for me)bunakiVclean it (for me)Bunaki ya tayi na manuk adti bantal.Scrub by rubbing with water the chicken feces from the floor.
clean one’s body by rubbing it with a soft stonebagnudˈbag.nudSCE.clean one’s body by rubbing it with a soft stone5.6.1Clean, dirty5.6.2Batheder.bagnudan2der.bagnudider.magbagnud2der.migbagnud2
clean rattannawinawiSCE.clean rattander.nawiyan
clean s.th. by rubbing it, willbagnudan2ˈbag.nudVwill clean s.th. by rubbing itBagnudan ku ya bantal Sabadu.I will clean by rubbing the floor on Saturday.
clean, becomemagkalinis2linisvb.statbecome clean9.1.1.2Become, change state5.6.1Clean, dirty
clean, s.o. ismalinis 1linisvb.statIf person says that something is malinis, it is clean. id.malinis ya anenganeng
cleaned by rubbing and watermigbunak2bunakVIf a person migbunak something, they scrubbed by rubbing with water things such as mud from one's feet, dirt from the floor, or dirt from fruit.
cleaned grain or beans by using a biga, s.o.migtap2taapVs.o. cleaned grain or beans by using a biga7.5.1.1Separate, scatter
cleaned s.t. by scrubbing it, s.o.migbagnas2ˈbag.nasVThe woman migbagnas the floor by scrubbing it witha sack or brush and water. 5.6.1Clean, dirty
cleaning teeth with siginyanigi 1nyanigiVcleaning teeth with sigiThe Tagakaulo used to make a toothbrush from the mane hair of a wild pig. The brush bristles are 2-3 inches long and black in color. The toothbrush is called a sigi.
cleans by scrubbing, s.o.magbagnasVs.o. cleans by scrubbingAs habit.5.6.1Clean, dirty
cleans their body by rubbing it with a stone, s.o.migbagnud2ˈbag.nudVIf a person migbagnud they wiped up the mud from something by rubbing or cleaned their body by rubbing it with a soft stone.5.6.1Clean, dirty5.6.2Bathe
cleans their body by rubbing it with soft stone as custom, s.o.magbagnud2ˈbag.nudVs.o. cleans their body by rubbing it with soft stone as custom5.6.2Bathe
cleansed of something, bekyalinisanVbe cleansed of something
cleansed s.th.piglinisanVcleansed s.th.
clearbangal1SCE.apparent; clearder.bangalender.kabangalder.mabangalder.magkabangal3der.nyabangalder.pigbangalmapayagvb.statclear; unobstructedMapayag to-o ya banwa.The view of the land is very pleasing.tinaw2tinawvb.statIf there is something that a person said is matinaw, it was clearly understood by the hearers., unknown
clear awaypanigpes2panigpɜsgather things; clear away7.5Arrange7.5.1Gather
clear by cutting grassalabas1ʔalabascfalabas1galas1SCE.clear by cutting grassder.alabasen2der.pig-alabas2
clear landgalas1galasRLgyumalas2cfalabas1galas1SCE.clear land by slashingder.gagalasder.gumalas
clear land by felling trees, willmamila3pilaVwill clear land by felling trees
clear land for planting, willgumalasgalasVwill clear land for plantingGumalas aku sa pawa'.I will clear the rice field which now overgrown with weeds.6.3Animal husbandry6.2.9Farmland1.2.1Land
clear s.th., will makebangalenVwill make clear s.th.
clear, apparentlykabangalvb.statapparently clear3.5.8.1Meaning
clear, be visiblymatinaw1matinawvb.statbe visibly clearAs in a piece of transparent glass. To be free of defects and dirt.
clear, blue skiesmaliwawamaliwawavb.statsunny bright day, free of clouds1.1.3.2Cloud1.1.3WeatherMetmeteorology
cleared space between two areasgayitga͡itNIf a person makes a gayit, he will clear a section of land of overgrowth between two cultivated fields and will burn it to create a fire-break.
clearing a field for plantinggalasenVclearing a field for planting
clearing land by cutting grasspig-alabas2ʔalabasVIf someone pig-alabas a piece of land covered with cogon grass, havested rice or maize corn, he is clearing the land by cutting with a bolo the grass.6.3Animal husbandry6.2.9Farmland
clearing land for plantinggyumalas2galasVclearing land for planting1.2.1Land
clearing process of cutting grassalabasen2ʔalabasVclearing process of cutting grass6.2Agriculture
clearly understandnyabangal 1ˈba.ŋalVIf a person says that someone's words or writing is nyabangal it means it is clearly understood.3.2.4Understand
clearly understood, bemabangal 2vb.statbe clearly understood3.2.4Understandid.dili' mabangal
click /chatter their teeth, s.o. tomigsipatanam2tanamVs.o. to click /chatter their teethMigsipatanem sa untu nan.His/her teeth where chattering.
click soundlaklakSCE.click sound2.3.2.3Types of soundsder.panaklak
clicking sound with one’s mouthpanaklakNclicking sound with one’s mouth2.3.2.3Types of sounds
cliff-like wash-out areakebakɜbasp. var.kubaNcliff-like wash-out areaA keba is an area of higher ground where the soil has undergone erosion caused by rain or flowing water and has made a cliff-like wash out area.1.2.1LandGeoggeography
climb down frompanog1panogVclimb down from
climb down from, s.o. willmanog1panogVs.o. will climb down fromcomp.manogmanik
climb into the house or buildingpanikanpaː.ni.kanVIf someone panikan, they will climb the stairs to enter a house.
climb s.th. (an object)panikenmaː.nikVIf someone paniken, they will climb a tree, a cliff, or wall. Paniken ku ya iyug.I will climb up the coconut plant.
climb straight upanikʔanikSCE.climb straight upder.manik2der.nyakapanik3der.nyanikder.panik1
climb uppanik1 1panikSCE.climb upder.magmanikder.magpapanikayder.nyakapanik3der.panikander.panikender.panikpanikder.papaniken
climb up (command)panik1 2panikVclimb up (command)der.magmanikder.magpapanikayder.nyakapanik3der.panikander.panikender.panikpanikder.papaniken
climb up into a dwelling, willmanik1Vwill climb up into a dwelling
climb up the hill, did notwala' tukudPhr.did not climb up the hill
climb up, able tonyakapanik3ʔanikVable to climb up