English - Tagakaulo


climb up, s.o. willmanik2maː.nikVs.o. will climb upSuch as on a ladder or stairscomp.manogmanikder.migmanik
climb uphilltukud1tukudRLtyumukudSCE.climb uphillder.tumukud2neg.ex.phrwala' tukudtyumukudtyumukudvb.intrans.motclimbed uphill1.2.1.1Mountain
climb uphill, willtumukud2tukudVwill climb uphill7.2Move
climbed down from, s.o.nyanogpanogVs.o. climbed down fromantnyanik7.2.2.5Move down
climbed upwards , s.o.nyanikpaːnikVIf a person nyanik up a ladder or stairs into one's house, they have climbed up.Such as on a ladder or stairsantnyanog7.2.2.4Move up
cling tightly tonyangepet2kɜpɜtVcling tightly to
cling to s.o.kyumepet2kɜpɜtVcling to s.o. with no intention of letting go7.3.4.4Hold
clings to, s.o. habituallymagkepetVs.o. habitually clings to
close bysayidsayidn.possdIf someone says that another person is at his sayid, he is standing or sitting close by or next to him.syntampid8.2.6.2Near8.5.1.5Touching, contact8.5.1.2Beside8.2.6.1Far8. to
close one's handkeme' 2.1close one's hand
close or shut a door or windowtakep1takɜpSCE.close or shut a door or windowder.takepen2der.tatakep
close or shut a door or window, willtakepen2takɜpVwill close or shut a door or window
close tightlytikem1 1tikɜmvb.statclose tightlyCollocations: Used for animate objects. Said of one’’s mouth when tightly closed, or of a woman’s wombder.nyatikem2
close toapit1ˈʔa.pitSCE.close toder.apit-apitayder.mapit3apit2ˈʔa.pitspatl.deitic If a person says that a horse is tied apit the house, it is near or close by the house.id.apit adtider.nyapit1
close to some else (kindred spirits), s.o. is verymigsambuk ya ginawav.phrs.o. is very close to some else (kindred spirits)
close togetherlikit1 1likitSCE.close togetherProximityder.malikit2der.malikit2der.piglikit
close together, s.o. perceives that objects aremalikit2likitvb.stats.o. perceives that objects are close togetherOppmalakwat2
closed fist, one’skamaw 2ka.maon.possda person’s closed fist2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomy
closed inlimpetlimpɜtvb.stattightly sealed; closed inSaid of a building.
closed-in arealokoblokobNclosed-in area
closed-mindedmangkategelVpeople’s minds became stubbornUsed as part of a phrase---mangkategel ya anenganeng
cloth worn by a woman when dancing with the edel, squaresagaliwaysagaliwayNprima square cloth worn by a woman when dancing with the edel
cloth)lipi-enVroll up s.th. (pant legs; cloth)
cloth, abakapamukanpamukanNPamukan is abaka cloth.5.3Clothing
cloth, black or navy bluetandakitandakiNTandaki is a kind of cloth that is black or navy blue in color.5.3Clothing8.3.3.3Color
cloth, bright redsaysayasaysayainf. var.sayasayaNSaysaya is bright red cloth preferred by women for making one style of dagem blouse and preferred by men for an elen or belt.5.3Clothing
cloth, handwoveninabelanʔi.na.ˈbɜ.lann.concreteInabelan is a handwoven, very durable cloth.
cloth, silksidasidaNSida is silk cloth.5.3Clothing
cloth, two meters ofsalliyaksalliyaktwo meters of cloth
cloth, weavemag-abel2ˈʔa.bɜlVweave clothAs a profession or skill.6.6.1Working with cloth5.3Clothing
cloth, wovenabel1ˈʔa.bɜlSCE.woven clothder.abelender.inabelander.mag-abel2
clothes, one’skakana'2 1ka.ka.ˈnaʔvb.statone’s clothes
clothingkadégkadég 1kadegkadegSCE.clothing
clothing, s.o. has many kinds ofkadégkadég 2kadegkadegn.possdIf a person says he will put on his kadégkadég, he will put on his pants, his shirt, and any other kind of clothing or apparel.
clothing, worn-outkalapengkalapɜŋn.possdA person's kalapeng is their old, worn-out, often holely clothing.5.4Adornment5.3.7Wear clothing5.3Clothing
cloud, overshadow by atakleb1 1taklɜbSCE.overshadow by a cloudder.takleban
clouds or smoke), settle or lower (dadat1dadatRLdyumadat2SCE.settle or lower (clouds or smoke)
clouds, building of dark, rainmiglugaytemVbuilding of dark, rain clouds
clouds, descendingdyumadat ya labundyumadat ya labunprecatdescending clouds1.1.3.2Cloud
clouds, overcast with darkmigdaklem2daklɜmVovercast with dark cloudsMigdaklem ya langit adun na ambung.The sky is overcast with dark clouds this afternoon.
cluster of s.th. of the same kindugbung 1ʔugbuŋinf. var.ubbungSCE.If something is one ugbung, it is a bunch or cluster of some items that are of the same kind.
cluster togetherluduk1ludukSCE.cluster togetherder.ludukun2der.migluduk2ludukluduk 1ludukludukSCE.cluster together
coals hot, keptmig-alimendan2ʔa.li.ˈmɜn.danVWhen a person mig-alimendan some burning coals they have kept them hot.Pag-alimendan kaw kanate' kay wala' ya puspudu ta.Keep those coals hot because we-inc have no matches.
coals, burningbagaˈba.gaNThe baga of a wood fire is the burning coals.5.5.6Fuelunspec. comp. formbaga na uling
coals, keep hot thepag-alimendanVkeep hot the coals
cob of the maize plant, thekalumbalkalumbalNthe cob of the maize plant1.5.5.4maizeBotbotany