English - Tagakaulo


cobrakamugungka.ˈmu.guŋNa cobrak. ofdaligasaw1.
cock a gun (for firing)pigsabit2sabitVIf a man pigsabit his gun, he has cocked the hammer of the gun and is about to pull the trigger for firing., shoot
cock a gun for firingsabit1 2sabitVcock a gunder.pigsabit2der.sabitan2
cock.fowllumansadlu.man.sadNA male fowl or cock1.6.7Male and female animals1.6.1.2Bird1.6.3Animal life cycleOrnornithology
cock’s red combtulung1tu.luŋn.possdthe red comb of a cock chicken1.6.2.1Parts of a birdAnatanatomyder.tatulungder.tulungan
cockfighting placesabungsabuŋNA sabung is a place or building used for cockfights.
cockroach, largetangata.ŋaNa large cockroachSimkalulung1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
coconut beetlekama-ongka.ma.ʔoŋNa coconut beetle1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
coconut frawn, fibrous portion oftaglangtaglaŋNfibrous portion of coconut frawn1.5.5.3palm
coconut frondpalapa'palapaʔNcoconut frondA part of the coconut palm.
coconut fruitiyug 2ʔiyugNcoconut fruit1.5.5.3palm1.5.5Parts of a plant
coconut fruit heart, germinatedbuwa'buwaʔNgerminated coconut fruit heartBuwa' are the coconut fruit that is allowed to sprout, and then planted. They are planted only when there is a full moon.
coconut fruit, husk ofbunutˈbu.nutNhusk of coconut fruitBotbotanyder.bunutan
coconut fruit, the hard, inner shell of thepaya'payaʔNthe hard, inner shell of the coconut fruit1.5.5.3palm5. from fruitBotbotany
coconut fruit, the stem-cup of thetapistapisNthe stem-cup of the coconut fruitThe tapis is the stem cup that attaches from the bracts to the "eyes" of the coconut fruit.
coconut gratersagudanNcoconut grater
coconut milkgata'gataʔNIf a woman cooks using gata', she is cooking something with coconut milk, that is, the juice squeezed from the white coconut flesh.
coconut oillanalanaNLana is coconut oil extracted from the white meat of the coconut fruit. product
coconut plantiyug 1ʔiyugNA iyug is a general term for the coconut pant.Cocos nucifera1.5.5.3palm
coconut plant , device used to prevent climbing oftamba 1tam.baNdevice used to prevent climbing of coconut plant This is usually flattened sections of bamboo tied to a coconut plant to prevent people and animals from climbing the trunk.
coconut residue after extraction of the oiltay na lanatay na lanaNcoconut residue after extraction of the oil.This residue from processing coconut is good to eat.
coconut scraper graterkakugudkakugudNcoconut scraper graterA +kakugud is a low-sitting seat with a piece of star-shaped iron bent up at one end.
coconut wineteba'tɜbaʔNTeba' is fermented coconut wine. 5.2Food
coconut, pre-flowering stage oftambulala'tambulalaʔNpre-flowering stage of coconut1.5.5.3palmBotbotany
coconut.meat, dried.kuplaskuplasNdried coconut meat1.5.5.3palm5. from fruit1.5.5Parts of a plant
coffee (beverage)kapi3kapiNKapi is coffee, the product that is made by roasting, grinding, and mixing in hot water to make a drinkable beverage. 5.2Food
coffee treekapi2kapiNcoffee treeTree small in height, with whitish-grey wood, hard but small in diameter trunk. It has a very fragrant white flower, blossoming in February and bears a red cherry which contains the coffee seed used for making coffee. Harvest is usually in October.Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta1.5.1TreeBotbotany
cogon grass shoottummuktummukNcogon grass shoot1.5.3Grass, herb, vine1.5.5Parts of a plantBotbotany
coldkaniki'ni.kiiʔvb.statIf a person inquires as to something's kaniki', he is asking how cold is it.2.3.5Sense of touch8.3.4.1Coldniki'1ni.kiiʔRLkyaniki-an2SCE.coldder.kaniki'der.migkaniki'2der.niki'
cold soreslagaylaylagaylayNLagaylay are cold sores that develop on people's lips and in the corner's of their mouth.2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease
cold, afflicted withsipun 2sipunvb.statto be afflicted with a cold and have a runny nose2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose2.5.6Symptom of disease2.5.2Disease
cold, becomemigkaniki'2ni.kiiʔvb.statIf something migkaniki', it has become cold such as one's cup of coffee., change state8.3.4.1Cold
coletoilingʔi.liŋNcoletoSarcops calvus melanonotus1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
collapsebuluku'1bulukuʔSCE.collapseder.magbuluku'der.makabuluku'der.nyakabuluku'2geles1gɜlɜsSCE.collapseSaid of weakened structure.der.maggeles2der.nyagelesgettan1gɜttanSCE.collapseder.kyagettananunspec. comp. formmagettan2
collapse at the kneesnyangkalukadVfall over as a groupSimtuwad1
collapse on one’s feetlukmuSCE.collapse on one’s feet; faintder.nyalukmu
collapse on the groundbuntug1buntugSCE.collapse on the groundsay.buntugan na usader.pigbuntug2
collapse under heavy load, happen tonyakabuluku'2bulukuʔVIf a person loads his horse with a very heavy load and it collapses from the weight , people will say that his horse nyakabuluku' da.
collapse under load, willmakabuluku'Vwill collapse under load
collapse under weight, willmaggeles2gɜlɜsVwill collapse under weight
collapse, s.th. willmagettan2gɜttanVs.th. will collapseAgpet da magettan.It is about to collapse.
collapsednyagelesVcollapsed; gave waySaid of a weakened structure.
collapsed because one is no longer strong enough to standnyalukmuVcollapsed because one is no longer strong enough to stand
collapsed on s.o. or s.th.kyagettananvb.statcollapsed on s.o. or s.th.
collarbone, one’baliskegba.ˈlis.kɜgn.possdA person's collarbone2.1.6Bone, joint
collect (what is scattered), will cause topanipunun2tipunVwill cause to collect (what is scattered)
collect a debtsukut1sukutRLsyumukut2SCE.collect a debt
Collect a donationamut1 2ˈʔa.mutCollect a donationder.mig-amut2der.migpa-amut2
collect blood of s.th., willsaludunsaludVwill collect blood of s.th.Saludun mu ya tubig ni lamisa.+Scoop +up the +water +spilled on the table.
collect the things from s.wh., willdapugenda.ˈpugVwill collect the things from s.wh.Dapugen mu ya kakan dun ni lamisa.You will +gather +together the food on the table.