English - Tagakaulo


collect togethertipun1tipunSCE.collect togetherder.katipunder.katipun2der.katipunanander.pa-itipunun2der.pagkatipunander.panipunun2der.pigkatipunan
collected (taxes or debt), s.o.syumukut2sukutVs.o. collected (taxes or debt)
collected a debt , s.o.migmanikmigmanikVs.o. collected a debt A method of collecting on a debt. Someone goes to the house of the one owing a debt and stays at their house at the debtor's expense until the debt is considered paid.
collected a donation, s.o.migpa-amut2ˈʔa.mutvb.di-transIf a person migpa-amut he is collecting a donation for some cause, such as a school, church, a death, or a emergency hospital bill.
collected blood of s.th.pigsaludsaludVcollected blood of s.th.
collection for s.o., took apig-amutVtook a collection for s.o.
collection, takedalundalunaVtake collection
collection, take adalundalunSCE.take a collectionEquivalent to amut-amutder.dalundalunander.pigdalundalunan
collectively have or own s.th.sambukanVcollectively have or own s.th.
collects debts from someone, s.o.magmanikmagmanikVs.o. collects debts from someoneSaid of someone who goes to the house of the one owing a debt and staying at their house at the debtor's expense until the debt is considered paid.
color grayabu3ˈʔa.buvb.statseccolor gray
color, be yellow inkalalag2lalagvb.statbe yellow in color
color, beigekabukabu1kabukabuadjbeige; flesh color8.3.3.3Color
color, light brownbulaw1ˈbu.la͡ocfbulag2bulag2bulaw1bulaw1sulawvb.statlight brown color8.3.3.3Color
color, some animal that is spotted inkabangkabaŋvb.statIf an animal is said to be kabang, it is spotted or mottled in color
colored (as a bruise), darklelem1lɜlɜmSCE.dark colored (as a bruise)der.malelem2malelem2lɜlɜmvb.statIf a person's skin is malelem, she has a bruise and it is dark and purple in color.Implies an agent that made the bruise
colors, speckled and/or stripped with manybulingbuliŋvb.statspeckled and/or stripped with many colors8. color, marking8.3.3.3Colorid.buling na balabagid.buling na nyalindeg
comb containing clear nectardalitdalitNDalit is the outer part of the comb containing newly collected clear nectar that is not yet honey.Simkalabasanlāgang1.6.5Animal home1.6.1.7Insect
comb, tooth ofuntu1 3ʔun.tun.possdthe tooth of a comb5.4.1Jewelry
come asking for refuge, s.o. willdumangep2daŋɜpVs.o. will come asking for refuge
come at the last in a line or grouppigpamoliVcome at the last in a line or group
come close to another, someonemagpalapitVsomeone to approach another
come close to, were not able towala' pakapalapitPhr.were not able to come close to
come here (close by)kadikaa.divb.statcome here (close by)der.pigkadi
come here, s.o. willmadiVsomeone will come here
come near s.th. or s.o., s.o. is caused tomigpalapitVs.o. is caused to come near s.th. or s.o.
come near to someone or something, caused topigpalapitVcaused to come near to someone or something
come successively, things todumadatengVthings to come successively
come up from the water and step on landtaklang1taklaŋRLtyumaklang2SCE.come up from the water and step on landder.tumaklangtyumaklang2taklaŋVIf a person or animal tyumaklang, they have been in a river, lake or ocean and are coming up out of the water and stepping on dry land.
come up out of the water, s.th. /s.o. willtumaklangVs.th. /s.o. will come up out of the water
comes from s.wh., s.th.lyumekatVs.th. comes from s.wh.
cometbitun nyanawbi.tuun nya.na͡oNcomet1.1Sky
comfortlāla1lālaSCE.comfortder.maglāla2der.magpalāla2der.pagkalāla͡anlala3SCE.soothe; comfortder.lala͡en
comfort /soothe s.o. (crying or hurting), willlala͡enla.ˈla͡enVwill comfort /soothe s.o. (crying or hurting)Lala͡en ku ya ise' kay migsugaw.I will comfort the child because it is crying.
comfort each othermaglalala͡ay ya ginawan.phr.comfort each other
comfort, s.o. habituallymaglāla2laa.laVs.o. habitually comfortMaglāla ya ina sa ise'.The mother comforts her child.
comfortable with one anotherma-inalamVcomfortable with one another
commandsmigsugu'Vs.o. commands; orders
commit adulterymaglakadenenmaglakadɜnɜncfmagkasala-enenmaglakadenenpiglapidanNone who commits adulterySimkalingsulugunun
commit adultery (in the sense of betrayal)piglapidancfmagkasala-enenmaglakadenenpiglapidanVfigcommit adultery (in the sense of betrayal)
committed incest, s.o.migsambuwaga2sambuwagaVs.o. committed incest2.6.2.3Sexual immorality
commotion, not to causeingalʔiŋalVnot disturb; not to cause commotion
community of peoplekasakupan 1ka.sa.ku.panNcommunity of peopleSaid of a group of people with a common leader who unites them together.
companioneped1 1ʔɜpɜdSCE.companionder.ka-epedanander.mag-iyepedder.mig-iyepedder.nyepedder.pig-iyeped
companion spirit, one’salung1 2ʔa.luŋNone’s companion spiritder.pa͡alungananalung2ʔa.luŋn.possdcompanion spiritOne's companion spirit who will accompany you through one's life.
companion to something else, s.th. is anyakasinginVs.th. is a companion to something else
companion, one’seped1 2ʔɜpɜdn.possdA person's eped is her companion.der.ka-epedanander.mag-iyepedder.mig-iyepedder.nyepedder.pig-iyeped
companions with s.o. else, s.o.mag-iyepedʔɜpɜdVs.o. companions with s.o. else
companions, one’s constantka-epedanan 2ka.ʔɜpɜdananNone’s constant companions