English - Tagakaulo


hanging in house, many thingspigsambel2sambɜlVmany things hanging in house
hangs down their head on their chest, someonenyatungayngayVsomeone hangs down their head on their chestAw nyatungayngay da ya ulu nan kay nyabugtu' da ya kanan ginawa.And his head hung down on his chest because he was now dead (lit. breath broke)
happen to, bynaka- 1.1Afx.by chance; happen to
happy with somethingnyakatutukVsomeone is pleased with something
happy, s.o. ismigleba2lɜbaVs.o. is happy
happy, s.o. is perceived as beingmaleba2lɜbavb.stats.o. is perceived as being happySimleya
happy, s.o. is verymigleyaVs.o. is very happy
harbor a grudgeelled1ʔɜllɜdVharbor (a grudge)der.nyelled2der.pig-elledan
harbored a grudgenyelled2ʔɜllɜdVharbored a grudgeTo-o nyelled ya kadaman na tagutagu.(He/she) really harbored their hidden anger.Said of one’s anger:
harddyumusu' 2Vrain heavily; hardmalug3maa.lugvb.statIf something is malug it is hard or difficult to do.4.4.2Trouble
hard (in consistency)bagseg2bag.sɜgSCE.hard in consistency8.3.6.2Hard, firm8.3.6.4Denseder.bagsegen2
hard timeskasidapkasidapNIf people are kasidap, they are experiencing very hard times.
hard workpagud 2pagudn.masslabors; hard workder.kyapagudander.mapagudder.nyapagud
hard work, one’skyapagudan 1None’s hard work
hard working, appearsmaseb 1maa.sɜbvb.statIf a someone is said to be maseb, it is a complement to him as being industrious and a hard worker.Oppmataka2.4.3Energetic
hard working, bekasebkaa.sɜbvb.statbe hard working
harden (powder)kyumesegkɜsɜgVharden (powder)Kyumeseg ya kapi adti lata.The coffee powder hardened in the can.1.3.2Movement of water
hardened towardpigpangkebbelanVpeople have become callousedUsed figuratively to describe people’s habits, minds, thoughts, heart--to become hardened or unfeeling toward something--usually doing evil deeds; or unfeeling toward someone’s needs.
harderbagsegen2̀bag.sɜgVmake harder; strengthen it
hardnesskabagseg2̀bag.sɜgvb.stathardnessSangunu ya kabagseg?How hard or solid is it?, firm
hardship, s.o. causesmagpakalugVs.o. causes hardship
hardshipskasidapkasidapNIf people are kasidap, they are experiencing very hard times.pagtanda'Ntesting; trialsSimkakalugan
hardships, one’skyaluganNone’s hardships
harmsilaˈSCE.harmsilaˈ sa tingeg
harmony, be inpag‑isambukVunity among people
harness a horsepaktul1paktulharness a horseder.paktulender.pigpaktul
harness a horse for s.o.pigpaktulpaktulVharness a horse for s.o.
harness a horse for s.o., willpaktulenpaktulVwill harness a horse for s.o.Paktulen mu ya kuda'.Your will +harness the horse.
harvest any grain not gown in a paddypig-ani 2Vharvest any grain not gown in a paddyThis applies to harvesting wheat, barley, rye, oats, and upland rice. It does not apply to rice grown in a paddy. For this “piggalab” is used.
harvest by pulling down and breaking offsanggi'1saŋgiʔSCE.If people will mananggi' they will harvest maize corn by pulling down the ear and breaking it off.6.2Agricultureder.manananggi'der.nyanananggi'
harvest maize, s.o. willmanananggi'saŋgiʔVs.o. will harvest maize
harvest manila hemp fiberagut1ˈʔa.gutSCE.harvest manila hemp fiberder.mag-agut2
harvest rice as custommag-aniʔˈa.niVharvest rice as custom
harvest s.th. (such as grain), willaniyenVwill harvest s.th. (such as grain)
harvest upland ricepig-ani 1Vharvest upland rice
harvest wet-land ricegalabSCE.harvest wet-land riceder.piggalab
harvest, any kind of grainani1 2ʔˈa.niSCE.any kind of grain harvestsay.abus da aniyader.aniyender.aniyenender.mag-anider.mag-aniyayder.mig-anider.pag-anider.pig-ani
harvested maize, s.o.nyanananggi'saŋgiʔVs.o. harvested maize
harvesting grainmig-aniʔˈa.niVIf a group of women harvested rice they mig-ani.The first pass through a rice field the rice grain is cut with a harvest knife called a ka-ig.
hasawūn 2ʔa͡uninf. var.anext.has; have; had9.1.1.1Exist9.1.1.3Have, ofcontr.ayder.nyawunder.pigkawunder.pyampaka͡awun2
has nothingwala' 3walaʔneg.ext.posshas nothing9.1.1.1Existid.wa' daid.wa’y pulu-anid.wa’y untungid.wala' abayid.wala' daid.neg.ex.phrwala' giti'id.neg.ex.phrwala' imanmananeg.ex.phrwala' kita-aid.wala' paid.wala' ya
hastepagudpagud 1.1Vmake haste; hurry
hatkalu'kaluʔNA man's kalu' is his hat.5.3Clothingid.kalu' na bulan
hatekalatan ya ginawakalatan ya ginawav.phrhate; dislikedpigkalatan ya ginawaverb.noun.phr.hate
hate, nowala' ya ginawawalaʔ ya ginawan.phr.no love; hate
haulakut1 1ˈʔa.kutSCE.haul7.3.3.1Take something from somewhereder.akutunder.makutder.nyakut2