English - Tagakaulo


house, fieldlayag1layagNA layag is a field house used primarily as a temporary dwelling during planting and harvest times. of houses
house, lodginglagdengananlagdɜŋananNlodging house
hovernyatingentingenVIf a bird or insect is nyatingentingen it is hovering or hanging in the air. movement1.6.1.2Bird1.6.1.7Insect
hover overlipuduSCE.hover overhover like a humming bird over a flower without landingder.migpudu
howpig-unu2ʔunupron.interroghowPi-unu mu ya pagtanem?How did you plant it?ununʔununpron.interroghow; in what mannerUnun mu ya paggabut?How or in what manner will you pull it up?
how did it become?migkanu2mig.kaa.nuvb.stathow did it become?Migkanu yéiy?How did it become like this here? or What happened to this here? words
how farayin tamanʔa͡in ta.ˈmanPhr.how far9.2.3.4Question words
how is s.o.?manu2maan.upron.interrogIf a person asks manu his situation or someone in his family, he is asking about their well -being, Manu kaw?How are you?Manu la ya ama mu?How is your father doing these days? words
how is s.th.?anu1ʔanuRLkyanuwan2SCE.how is s.th.? wordsder.kanuder.manuder.manuder.manu2der.migkanu2der.nyanu2
How is/aremanumanupron.interrogHow is/are9.2.3.4Question words
how many timesmakapilaVhow many times
how many times?pila2 3pilahow many times?
how many?pila2 2pilapron.interroghow many?
how much?pila2 1pilapron.interroghow much?
how s.o. did s.th.pig-unuVhow s.o. did s.th.
how?sangunusaŋunupron.interroghow?; what? words
howlta͡ultaulNhowlSimuma1.6.4.3Animal sounds
hugkepkep1kɜpkɜpSCE.hug; embraceder.magkakepkepayder.magkepkep2contr.sangkakepkepmagkepkep2kɜpkɜpVs.o. will hug; embrace
hug each other (usually husband and wife), two peoplemagkakepkepayVtwo people hug each other (usually husband and wife)
hugemabakla'3ma.bak.laʔSCE.If someone says an object is mabakla' that object is large in size as compared to the norm.antmayantek28.2Bigmangkabakla' na baledmaŋkabaklaʔ na balɜdn.phr.huge; massive waves1.3.2.4Wavepandulan1pandulanRLpyandulan2SCE.huge
huge in sizelundunglunduŋadjIf something is lundung, it is huge in size in comparision to normal.
huge, ispyandulan2pandulanVis huge
hugged another, s.o.kyumepkepVs.o. hugged another
hulls from rice and maize grainapaʔapaNhulls from rice and maize grain1.5.5.2rice1.5.5.4maizeBotbotany
human forminutawʔinutawNhuman form
human, beka-utawka.ʔutawNbe human
humbled, will bepadalemenVwill be brought low; humbled
humbles themselves under another, s.o.magpadalemVs.o. humbles themselves under anotherSimmagpadana'
humbly beg (usually for one's life)nyanillupung2lupuŋVhumbly beg (usually for one's life)Some kind of act of humility or respect before a person of higher status in order to request or beseech something, usually under grave circumstances.3.3.2Request4.3.2.2Humble3.5.1.5Ask
humiliated, becomemagkamulamula2mulamulavb.statbecome ashamed; embarrassed; humiliated
humility markerbeg 2bɜɜgadv.mod.humility markersay.a beg a
hummingbirdtegkelNa hummingbird1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
hunch overdukung1du.kuŋSCE.hunch overder.dumukungsakung1sakuŋvb.stathunch overder.magsakungsakungder.masakung2der.nyasakung
hunched backbakungba.kuŋSCE.hunched back2.5.4.5Birth defectbungkugbuŋkugvb.stathunched backder.nyabungkug
hunched back, s.o. to benyabungkugvb.stats.o. to be hunched back
hunched overdyumukung2dukuŋVs.o. is hunched overDyumukung ya utaw nyanaw nyatubang adti balay.The person approached the house hunched over.
hunched over (usually from old age), s.o. isnyasakungvb.stats.o. is hunched over (usually from old age)[probably osteoprosis]
hunched over, permanentlymasakung2sakuŋvb.statIf an old person is masakung, he is permanently hunched over.
hundred, onesanggatusadj.cnt.one hundred
hundred, unit of agatusgatusNunit of a hundred
hung looselynyaluslus2luslusVhung looselyNyaluslus da ya salwal mu kay To'.Kid, your pants are +hanging +loosely.
hung s.th. uppigsalang2salaŋVhung s.th. up
hung up in or on s.th, gotsyalang2salaŋVgot hung up in or on s.th Such as in a tree or bush with thorns
hungry, bekagetemvb.statbe hungryUsually used with negative existential wala' kagetem., thirsty5.2.2Eat5Daily life5.2Food
hungry, s.o. isnyagetem3gɜtɜmvb.stats.o. is hungry
hunt by stalkingdet1dɜɜtSCE.hunt by stalkingder.magdadetay
hunt down s.o. to take revenge for some crime committed, topangayawVto hunt down s.o. to take revenge for some crime committed
hunt using a balatikmagbalatik2ba.ˈla.tikVIf a person magbalatik he is making a pig trap to kill wild pig.Magbalatik aku sa usa.I will make a pig trap.