English - Tagakaulo


prepare food ahead of timepalaw1 1pa.ˈlauvb.auxprepare food ahead of timeder.palawader.palawun
prepare s.th. in advancepigtagilan2tagilanVprepare s.th. in advance6.1.2.6Prepare7.5.5Organizetagilan1tagilanSCE.prepare s.th. in advanceder.makatagilander.pagtagilander.pigtagilan2der.tagilanen
prepare something, willtagilanenVwill prepare something
prepare the food now (command)palawapa.ˈlauaVprepare the food now (command)
prepare to build fireduluk 1ˈdu.lukSCE.prepare to build fireder.magdulukder.migdulukder.pagdulukder.pigduluk
prepare, process, and eat core of sago palmmagsakul2ˈsa.kulIf people say they will magsakul, they will cut a lumbiya or sago palm, prepare the core, process the palm flour and eat it.Procmagsakul2lumbiyamagsakul2natek5.2Food
prepare, s.o. will be able tomakatagilanVs.o. will be able to prepare
prepared ahead of time by someone, s.th. that waspigtagilananVs.th. that was prepared ahead of time by someone
prepared for battlepigpalena'2lɜnaʔVIf soldiers pigpalena', they are in the process of deploying their forces for fighting.
prepared, something isnyatagilanVsomething is prepared
present attambung 1.1If a person will tumambung a meeting, he will attend it.
present, aremawun 1Vare present
presented one’s self in front of others, someonemigpakita' 2vb.perceptsomeone presented one’s self in front of others
preservedayaw1da.yawSCE.save; preserveder.dayawunder.pigdayaw
preserved fish in saltgames 1.1Npreserved fish in salt
preserved for the futurepigdayawVsaved back s.th.; preserved for the future
press down hard on s.th.pigdenanVpress down hard on s.th.Such as when branding an animal with a hot iron.
press down ondendɜɜnRLdyenanSCE.press down onder.pigdender.pigdenan
press onpigdenVpush down on somethingUsually with finger tips or thumb.SimtuludtuludtuludSCE.push; press onSimpigden7.7.4Press
press on s.th.dyenanVpress on s.th.Dyenan na putaw na pigaba'.Pressed on heated iron (used for branding)
press on, willmagtibagsegVsomeone will make every effort to do something
pressuremaleges ya ginawan.phr.pressure
pressure, beingsyumungsung 2suŋsuŋVbeing against s.o. or s.th. constantly; pressureSaid of someone who is inferior to you.
pretended to be sick, s.o.migpuladeyenVs.o. pretended to be sick
pretty, bemanenggeya1maanɜŋgɜyavb.statIf a man says that a woman is manenggeya, he is saying her outward looks and appearence is pretty or beautiful.Oppmatenggeya9.1.1Be2.
preventbalabag3balabagSCE.block; preventder.kabalabagander.nyakabalabag
prevent from going s.wh. because of calamitylabag2labagSCE.prevent from going s.wh. because of calamity
prevent something from rotating, willmagsagkenmagsagkɜnVsomething will prevent something from rotating freelyMagsagken ya plaka kay awun kalisek ad seled.Something will prevent the cassette from rotating because there is junk inside it.
prevent something from turningsumagken 1sumagkɜnVwill prevent something from turningPig-illu' pada dili' sumagken.It was made smooth so that it would not be prevented from turning.
price was decided on, thing atiklangan2tiklaŋVthing a price was decided onTiklangan nan ya sala' ni Danny.He +decided the +price of the debt (brideprice debt) of Danny.
priceless porcelain china plattersablag 1sablagNA sablag is a priceless antique china platter usually white in color with one or two blue fish on the face.der.pigsablag
princessbiya' 1biyaʔNA biya' is a like a princess or attractive young maiden whose father or relatives are high in status or wealthy.
printed, block letters (literacy)binuldiNprinted, block letters (literacy)
prison or jailkalabusuwanankalabusuwananNIf someone is in a kalabusuwanan, he is living in a prision or a jail.
prisoner, someone who has been made anyakalabusu 2Vsomeone who has been made a prisoner
private area, young girl'spuki 2pukin.possdA puki is the private area on a young girl.
problems piled on top of problems, havepakatunganga' 1Vhave problems piled on top of problems
proceeding on towardspasinanpasinanVproceeding on towards
process seeds or grain by pounding in a mortar, willbabayuwunVwill process seeds or grain by pounding in a mortar
produce a flame, s.th. willlumaga3lagaVs.th. will produce a flame
produce fruit or seed, willmamungaVwill produce fruit or seed
produce new shoots, willmanalingsingVwill produce new shoots
produced lightsyumaleng2salɜŋVIf a gas or electric lamp syumaleng it is producing light to see things with.8.3.3Light
productionpag-imo'2ˈʔi.moʔNProduction.To-o madugay ya pag-imo' sa dictionario.It takes a long time to produce a dictionary.
productive, bemataba'1ma.ta.baʔn.possdfor soil to be rich and productive and is capable of sustaining many crops without fertilizer.
profits from a saleeleg2ʔɜlɜgNprimprofits from a sale