English - Tagakaulo


promisepakang 1pakaŋSCE.promiseex.phr.abus da pagpakangex.phr.abus da pakangander.magpakangder.pigpakanganpakang 2pakaŋNpromise; agreementIt cannot be a true agreement or pakang until all parties involved agree to it.ex.phr.abus da pagpakangex.phr.abus da pakangander.magpakangder.pigpakangan
promise to do s.th., s.o. makes amagpakangVs.o. makes a promise to do s.th.
promise, failed to keepkyabullugan2bullugVfailed to keep promise
promised s.th., was alreadyabus da pagpakangPhr.was already promised s.th.
promised to s.o., something ispigpakanganVsomething is promised to s.o.
promised to s.o., was alreadyabus da pakanganPhr.was already promised to s.o.
pronounce a word, s.o. willmaglituklitukVs.o. will pronounce a word3.5.1Say
pronounce wordslituk1litukSCE.pronounce wordsder.maglitukder.miglitukder.paglituk2
pronounces a word, s.o.miglituklitukVs.o. pronounces a word
pronunciation of words or soundspaglituk2litukNpronunciation of words or sounds
propagatetapun1tapunSCE.propagate; transmitder.pakalintapun1der.pigpakalintapun2der.tumapun2tumapun2tapunRLtyumapun1VIf a person has an contagious illness and it tyumapun, he has transmitted it to other people.2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease
propagatedtyumapun1tapunVs.th. propagated; spread
prosper, notwala' giti'walaʔ gitiʔv.phrnot prosper
prospering very well, s.o. isgyumiti'1gyumitiʔVs.o. is prospering very well
prostitutepalatuganpalatuganNprostitute2.6.2.3Sexual immorality
protectampas 1ˈʔam.pasÈ?am.ɸasSCE.block; protectder.ampasaytameng1tamɜŋSCE.protectder.migtamengder.pigtamengander.tamengitameng2SCE.protectder.magtameng
protect under wingsmag-ebe'Vhab. protects under wingsSaid of a hen protecting its chicks under its wings.
protect, s.o. willmagtamengVs.o. will protect
protecting something or someonepigtamenganVsomeone is protecting something or someone
protective covering, aampasayʔam.ˈpa.sai?am.ɸa.saiNprotective covering
protective wallalad1ˈʔa.ladNAn alad is a fence, or wall used to protect something by keeping animals or people out., wallder.aladender.inaladder.mig-alad2
protects, s.o.migtamengtammɜŋVs.o. protects4.4.4.4Save from trouble
protrusionbangwag 1baŋ.wagNprimprotrusion; extend beyond necessary
prove it (cmd)matinawaVprove it (cmd)
provide food for one's workersbatul1ba.ˈtulSCE.provide food for one's workersder.batulunder.pigbatul
provide food for someone's workersbatulunba.ˈtulVprovide food for someone's workersBatulun ku ya magtalabapuway na kakan.I will provide the workers with cooked-rice to eat.
provide offspring for s.o.ise-anVprovide offspring for s.o.Dili' malim nan ise-an ya ka͡ubayan na magulang nan.He did not want to provide offspring for the wife of his older brother. (Levirite marriage)
provided food for someone's workerspigbatulba.ˈtulVprovided food for someone's workers
provided that, asasal nanʔasal nanconj.illust.as long as; provided that
provoke or make someone to have intense anger toward anothernyatibal ya kadamanPhr.provoke or make someone to have intense anger toward another
prowl by circling around and around like animal to its preymigpalibedlibedVsomeone or something prowls by circling around and around
prune away extra branches, s.o. willmagpandekVs.o. will prune away extra branches
prune back to allow sunlight intadekcftadektutu'1Vprune back to allow sunlight inUsed in the context of vines and fruit-bearing trees. To trim off branches to allow more light it so that the plant will produce more flowers.der.magpanadekder.nyatadekder.panadekan
prune off s.t.tutu-an2tutuʔVIf a person tutu-an they will prune a tree or vine so that it will produce better fruit.Usually an extensive pruning where most limbs are removed, and often only the trunk remains.
pruned away branches, s.o.nyatadekVs.o. pruned away branches
pruned back, tree or vine will have its branchespanadekanVtree or vine will have its branches pruned backSimpanalingsinganpanalupungan
pry barbaliwat2baliwatNpry bar6.7Tool
pry out something, s.o. willmaglugitVs.o. will pry out somethingMaglugit aku sa pulikaw.I will pry out castor oil beans.Usually nuts from a shell, or coconut meat.
prying out with s tlugiten2ˈlu.gitVIf someone lugiten something such as coconut meat from the shell, she is prying it out with some kind of instrument.
pubic area, one’sbagku'bag.kuʔn.possdthe pubic area2.1.2TorsoAnatanatomyoff
pull along (in line)migguyud2guyudVIf a person migguyud something, they are leading it along .Migguyud si Bong sa kuda'.Bong led or pulled along a horse.
pull along, s.o. will able tomagpakaguyud2guyudVs.o. will able to pull alongMagpakaguyud ya kuda' nami sa bubay.Our horse is able to be +pulled +along by the female.
pull apartketteng 1.1Vprimpull apart
pull away (of cloth)ketengkɜ.tɜŋSCE.pull away (of cloth)