English - Tagakaulo


pull back on s.th., forcefullypigbeklasVforcefully pull back on s.th.
pull back on s.th., will forcefullybeklasenVwill forcefully pull back on s.th.Such as on the reins of a horse or carabao to give it command to go or stop or turn.
pull back, forcefullybeklasˈbɜk.lasSCE.forcefully pull backder.beklasender.magbeklasunspec. comp. formmigbeklasder.nyabeklasder.pigbeklas
pull downeblas1ʔɜblasSCE.pull downder.eblasen2eblasen2ʔɜblasVpull downEblasen mu ya dagmay adti batangan.You will get your dagmay from hanging from the raft by pulling down down on it. [it is draped over the rafter beam]
pull down lower eyelidbilat1bi.latSCE.pull down lower eyelidder.bilatader.bilatender.pigbilat
pull down one’s lower eyelid, willbilatenbilatVwill pull down one’s lower eyelid
pull down one's lower eyelid (command)bilatabilatVpull down one's lower eyelid (command)If a person is anemic, a midwife or doctor might say to that person to bilata your lower eye lid i.e.pull down lower eyelid to see it is white.
pull lose ofgepak1gɜpakSCE.pull lose ofder.nyagepak2
pull lose, s.th. happened tonyagepak2gɜpakVs.th. happened to pull loseNyagepak ya putaw na badung ku.The iron of my machete has pulled lose.
pull off fruitmig-ipu'2ʔipuʔVpull off fruit
pull on a steering ropelaptiklaptikSCE.primpull on a steering ropeThis the rope that is placed through the septum of an animal's nose such as a water buffalo in order to turn the animal when plowing.
pull on or yank one's earbignaten2bignatVpull on or yank one's earUsed as a disciplining measure by parent to a disobedient child
pull out of placelangkatlaŋkatSCE.pull out of placeder.nyalangkat
pull out something for someone (command)gabuti2gabutVpull out s.th. for s.o. (command)Gabuti la ya aligi na balay awun kay sayuwan na cemento.Pull out the house post there for me because (I) will replace it with cement.
pull teethkya-ipu-an2ʔipuʔVpull teethKya-ipu-an da si Bakleg.Grandfather had his teeth pulled.
pulled down one's lower eyelidpigbilatbilatVpulled down one's lower eyelid
pulled even withmig-abay3ˈʔa.ba͡iVWhen someone mig-abay they pull even with them such as in a contest.Mig-abay si Garcia aw Pilipi dumalagan.Garcia and Pilipi ran +abreast +of each other.In a race.
pulled out of place, s.th. wasnyalangkatlaŋkatVs.th. was pulled out of placeNyalangkat ya alipip ku.My shoulder blade is +pulled +out of +place.
pulls back repeatedly, s.o.magbeklasVs.o. pulls back repeatedlyThe motion required when sawing, drawing on a saw.migbeklasVs.o. pulls back repeatedlySuch as when sawing using a two-man crosscut saw for cutting boards from a large log.
pulls up rice and corn stubble, s.o.maglati'2latiʔVIf a person maglati', he will pull up corn and rice stubble to prepare the field for the next planting.Maglati' aku sa dagami.I will +pull +up the +rice straw +stubble.
pulp.of.fruitsunud1 3ʔu.nudNthe pulp of fruits5. from fruit1.5.5Parts of a plantBotbotany
pulsatekutukutu1ku.tu.ku.tuSCE.throb; pulsateNyakutukutu ya tullu ku.My hand / finger is throbbing.
pulverizelebek1lɜbɜkSCE.pulverizeder.miglebeksakul1sakulSCE.pound to pieces; pulverizeUsed in conext of preparing, and processing the heart core of a lumbiya palm.der.magsakul2
pulverize s.th. by pounding itlebeken2lɜbɜkVIf someone lebeken something she will pulverize by pounding things such as rice, corn, bananas.
pulverizes something in a lusung, s.o.miglebekVs.o. pulverizes something in a lusung
puncturebuslut1buslutSCE.punctureUsually in a soft container such as a plastic bag, sack, or cloth bag.der.nyabuslut2der.pigbuslutan
punctured and is leaking it contents, s.th. becomesnyabuslut2buslutVs.th. becomes punctured and is leaking it contentsNyabuslut ya saku.The sack was punctured and leaked.
punish (to the point of death)magpa-emel-emelVsomeone will punish (usually severely)
punish s.o. with whip (command)labeta1la.bɜːtVpunish s.o. with whip (command)
punishment, deservedemel-emel2ʔɜmɜl.ʔɜmɜlSCE.deserved punishmentder.magpa-emel-emelder.nya-emel-emel3der.pa-emel-emelen1
pupil, one’s.utaw na mataʔu.taw na ma.tan.possda person's pupil of their eye2.1.1.1EyeAnatanatomy
purewa’y dali'waʔy daliʔadj.Phr.pure1.2.2.3Metal
purloinkasawˈka.sawNThe kasaw is the purloin of a roof structure which is the horizontal sticks which are along the length of the roof.6.5Working with buildings
purpose, one'stud1tuudn.possdIf a person has a tud, he has a purpose for doing something or being somewhere., goal
pursuedalug1dalugVpursue; follow (cmd)Dalug kamu kanak kunallaw to-o pa maselem.You-pl follow me very early in the morning.der.dalugader.dalugunder.pigdalug
pursue s.th (cmd)dalugaVfollow s.th.; pursue s.th (cmd)
pursues, s.o.pigdalug 2pig.da.lugVfollows s.o. ; pursues s.o.
pusnana'na.naʔn.possdNana' is the pus that oozes from a infected sore or wound.2.2Body functions
pushtuludtuludSCE.push; press onSimpigden7.7.4Press
push about by wind (unguided)palidpalid1palidpalidSCE.push about by wind (unguided)der.pigpalidpalid2
push downpigdenVpush down on somethingUsually with finger tips or thumb.Simtulud
push down ondenden1dɜn.dɜnSCE.push down onder.dendenen2
push down on s.th., willdendenen2dɜndɜnVwill push down on s.th.Dendenen to-o ya taku' mata' dili' maka-inang.Really +push +down +on the pig so that it will not be able to wiggle around.
push offtugpu'1tugpuʔSCE.push offder.tumugpu'2
push off from s.th., willtumugpu'2tugpuʔRLtyumugpu'1Vwill push off from s.th.
push off from shoreiyugsud2ʔugsudto crawl; to dragVpush off from shore
push on a pregnant women’s stomach while assisting in childbirth, s.o.magsedayi1sɜdayVs.o. push on a pregnant women’s stomach while assisting in childbirth