English - Tagakaulo


push on a pregnant women's stomach while assisting in childbirth, willpagsedayen2sɜdayVwill push on a pregnant women's stomach while assisting in childbirth
push or place onto something elsepigsangkubVpush or place on top of something elseSuch as a lid on a pot, or hat on someone’s head,
push throughtuluy1tuluySCE.push throughder.nyakatuluy2
pushed about by wind (unguided), s.th. is beingpigpalidpalid2palidpalidVs.th. is being pushed about by wind (unguided)
pushed asidepig-anggin2ˈʔaŋ.ginVpushed aside
pushed awaypig-angginVto wash up in big piles in a river course, big logs of trees, clumps of weeds to dam up a river’s flow especially after a big flood1.3.1.3River
pushed off from s.th., s.o.tyumugpu'1tugpuʔVs.o. pushed off from s.th.
pushed s.o. out of their homepig-alilinan2 2ʔa.li.ninVpushed s.o. out of their home
put (inside), did notwala' betangiPhr.did not put (inside)
put an animal downpig-utasanVput an animal down
put an end to somethingtampela'tampɜlaʔSCE.put an end to something
put hands behind headpele'SCE.put hands behind head7.1Postureder.magpeleˈ
put hands on one’s hip--akimbomating-awakma.ti.ˈŋa.wakVput hands on one’s hip--akimbo7.1Posture
put in ordertapid1ˈta.pidta.pidSCE.put in order; arrangeder.migtapidder.pigtapid2der.tapiden
put in order, totalatag2talatagSCE.to arrange; put in orderder.magkatalatagder.migkatalatagder.pagkatalatag3
put in s.th.pigbetangan 1bɜtaŋVput in s.th.Pigbetangan ku si Ne' awun na kakan di kalnidu.I put for Ne' the cooked rice there in the pot.
put in s.th., willbetanganbɜtaŋRLbyetanganVwill put in s.th.
put into a gravepiglebeng2lɜbɜŋVput into a grave2.6.6.3Funeral2.6.6.5Bury
put into socket (handle)sensɜɜnSCE.put into socket (handle)
put on a body coveringsut1suutRLsyumutSCE.put on a body coveringder.nyansutder.pagsutunder.pigpasutder.pigsut2der.pigsutsutan2der.pyansutder.sutader.sutun
put on and wear thingspyansutVput on and wear things
put on clothessyumutVput on clothes
put on clothes (cmd)sutaVput on clothes (cmd)
put or made into proper orderpaligena'SCE.put or made into proper orderder.migpaligena'der.paligena‑ender.pigpaligena'
put pot on a fireenenʔɜnɜnSCE.put pot on fire7.5.9Put7.3.4.3Put downder.enenanan
put pseudo marks, or design of some sort on s.th., deliberatelypigbatekbatekanVdeliberately put pseudo marks, or design of some sort on s.th.
put s.o. down verballymag-ibabang2babaŋVput s.o. down verbally
put s.th. down in upright positionpigpa-unsadʔun.sadVput s.th. down in upright position
put s.th. in one’s mouthlemed1lɜmɜdSCE.put s.th. in one’s mouthder.lemeden2
put s.th. in one's mouth, willlemeden2lɜmɜdVwill put s.th. in one's mouthLemeden mu ya babulung adti baka' mu.You will put the medicine into your mouth.
put s.th. insidepigseledsɜlɜdVput s.th. inside
put s.th. inside, willseledensɜlɜdVwill put s.th. inside
put s.th. on s.th. or s.o. elsepigbetangan 2bɜtaŋVput s.th. on s.th. or s.o. else
put s.th. swh. for someone (cmd)betangiVput s.th. swh. for someone (cmd)
put something in it’s proper order or placepaligena‑en 1Vput something in it’s proper order or place
put things in orderpigtapid2ˈta.pidta.pidVIf a woman pigtapid things on a table, her clothing, or her dress, she is putting them in order.5Daily life7.5.9Put7.3.4.3Put down7.5.5Organize
put up with each othermagtati‑isayVendure or put up with each other (faults)
put, s.o.byetangbʸɜ.taŋVs.o. put
pythonsawasa.waNa pythonAlso the generic term for any kind of snake that kills its prey by crushing or constriction.