English - Tagakaulo


parted ways, twosyumuwayVtwo parted ways
participants, pl.mang- 2maŋAfx.pl.participantsder.mangkalumay
participate in a wakeadungun2ˈʔa.duŋVWhen a person will adungun they will participate in the feasting and music of the funeral.
participate in a wake, s.o. willmag-adungVs.o. will participate in a wake
pass a leaf over firelaba1labaSCE.pass a leaf over fireder.laba͡a3
pass a leaf through fire (command), brieflylaba͡a3labaVbriefly pass a leaf through fire (command)Laba͡a ya dawun na saging pada dili' makésé.+Pass the banana +leaf +through the +fire so it will not tear.
pass byagi1ˈʔa.giSCE.pass byder.agiyagider.agiyanander.ka-agilabay1labayRLkyalabayan2lyumabay1SCE.pass byder.lumabay2der.maglabay2der.nyakalabay2
pass by , s.o. willlumabay2labayVIf a person will lumabay a place or someone; he will pass them by as he was traveling somewhere.
pass by, s.o. happen tonyakalabay2labayVs.o. happen to pass by
pass by, s.o. was able tonyaka‑agiˈʔa.giVIf time nyaka-agi it has passed by.
pass by, willmag-agiˈʔa.giVWhen someone mag-agi they will pass by a place.
pass from one to another like a chain, tolintapununlintapununVprimto pass from one to another like a chain
pass it here to me, pleaseadi mu begv.phrplease pass it here to me
pass on from one person to another, to continuallypakalintapun1pakalintapunVto continually pass on from one person to another
pass throughagi2ˈʔa.giRLkya‑agiyan1Vpass throughder.ka‑agiyan2unspec. comp. formkya‑agiyan2der.mag-agider.maka-agi3der.nyagi3der.nyaka‑agider.pa-agiyen3der.pig-agiyan
pass through, able tonyagi3ˈʔa.givb.intrans.motWhen something nyagi it passed through the middle.
pass through, allow topa-agiyen3ˈʔa.giVWhen a person pa-agiyen they will allow somebody to pass through such as a doorway or gate.
pass through, will be able tomaka-agi3 1ˈʔa.giVWhen something or someone will maka-agi they will pass through such as through a doorway.
passageway/doorwayagiyananʔa.ˈgia.nanNAn agi-anan is any passageway; doorway; or any opening which allows the passing through of some object.6.5.2Parts of a building
passed by s.o., bekyalabayan2labaycfkyalabayan2nyakalambaw2vb.statbe passed by s.o.Used in a contest but not to describe a student who is quick to understand.
passed by, s.o.lyumabay1labayvb.intrans.mots.o. passed by
passed on from one person to another, continuallypigpakalintapun2pakalintapunVcontinually passed on from one person to another
passed through s.wh. on the way s.wh. elsepig-agiyanVpassed through s.wh. on the way s.wh. else
passes byka‑agiyan1vb.statpasses by; passes through
passes by, s.o. habituallymaglabay2labayVs.o. habitually passes by
passes throughka‑agiyan1vb.statpasses by; passes through
passwordlalaw1 1lalawSCE.password
paste ontapli' 1.1If someone pigtapli' a bandage, tape, paper, they have pasted it on something and attached with adhesive, string, nail or tack.7.5.2Join, attach6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.4.1Rope, string7.
pasture areapanabtabananpanabtabananNa pasture for grazing animals6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eating
patch (clothing)magtapakmag.ta.pakVIf a person magtapak clothing, they are always or will patch it.Simleneb5.4Adornment5.3.7Wear clothing5.3Clothing
patch s.th. (that has a hole in it), willlenebanVwill patch s.th. (that has a hole in it)
patch something, s.o. willmaglenebVs.o. will patch something
patch upleneblɜ.ˈnɜbSCE.patch upSimmagtapakder.lenebander.magleneb
patched, thingtapakta.pakSCE.thing patchedder.tapakan
pathagi-anVway; path
Patola melon plantlabuklabukNPatola melon plantIts fruit is used to bathe with because it makes a nice sponge.Cucurbitaceae Luffa acutangula1.5.3Grass, herb, vineBotbotany
pawskemel 2kɜ.ˈmɜln.possdthe paws of animals such as cats, dogs, and similar animals1. of an animal
pay no attention tolipaslipasSCE.ignore; pay no attention to
payment for a debt, s.th. that serves as atalawtawSCE.s.th. that serves as a payment for a debtThis is an item that was borrowed from you, and you go to get it from the borrower, and they do not have it, you then look for a substitute that is of adequate value to satisfy the debt.
peace [lit. unite inner being] (command), be atpagsambuka ya ginawan.phr.be at peace [lit. unite inner being] (command)
peace of mindkatinep na anenganengv.phrpeace of mind
peaceful disposition, have amalanawVhave a peaceful dispositionSynmalunay ya ginawa
peaceful, bemalinawmalinawvb.statbe peaceful1.3.2.5Calm, rough2.3.2.5Quiet
peacefulnesskalinawkalinawvb.statpeacefulness1.3.2.5Calm, rough2.3.2.5Quiet
peanutmani' 1maniʔNpeanut plant and its rootsMani' is originally indigenous to Brazil. They are a source of oil, protein, calcium and vitamin B. They were introduced into the Tagakaulo area in 1990s as a source of protein and income.Arachis hypogaea1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
peanutsmani' 2maniʔNpeanuts5. from roots