English - Tagakaulo


pearlmutya' 1mutyaʔNpearl or gemperlaspɜrlascfmutiyaperlasNpearl1.2.2.5Jewel
peck attubug1tubugSCE.peck atSaid of birdsder.manubugder.nyanubugder.panubugder.tubugun
peck away at, willtubugunVwill peck away at
peeked, someonesyumilibVsomeone peeked
peeking atpigsilib2silibvb.perceptpeeking atPigsilib ta kaw.I am peeking at you.2.3.1See2.5.4.1Blind
peeking.through.holesyinilib2silibvb.perceptpeeking through hole
peel away in layerspaklis1paklisSCE.peel away in layersder.paklisen2
peel away outer skinkelebanVpeel away outer skinSaid of a root crop such as a camote skin.
peel away s.th. in layers, willpaklisen2paklisVIf someone will paklisen tree bark or one's skin, they are peeling it away in layers. Paklisen mu ya kindal yan.You are +peeling +away that skin in +layers.
peel away the outer layer of s.th.palisenVpeel away the outer layer of s.th.
peel offlanitlanitSCE.peel off; remove (skin); blisterder.nyalanit
peel off skinlup 2lupSCE.peel off skin
peel the skin off s.th. (roots, vegetables)pigpalisanVpeel the skin off s.th. (roots, vegetables)
peeled.skin,.husk,.or.bark.of.a.plant.or.fruit, the.palis1palisNthe peeled skin, husk, or bark of a plant or fruitsuch as the husk around a corn cob.1.5.5Parts of a plant1.5.5.4maizeBotbotanyder.palisender.pigpalisan
peelings, maketaliptalipSCE.make peelings
pelt s.o. or s.th. with a thrown projectile, willbintuwunVwill pelt s.o. or s.th. with a thrown projectile
pen for animalskalokobkalokobNA kalokob is any kind of pen used to keep animals from getting loose.
pen, child'stangga'taŋgaʔNA tangga' is a child's pen or crib where the child can play and sleep.5.1.1Furniture
penetratelagbas1 1lagbasSCE.penetrate; pierce throughder.lumagbas2
penetrate, s.th. willtumelled2tɜllɜdVs.th. will penetrateDili' tumelled ya dadu.The plow will not penetrate (the ground).
penis (euphemism), man’satubangan 2Nman’s penis (euphemism)euphem
penis, man’sutin 1ʔu.tinn.possda man's penis2.1.8.3Male organs
People from the headwatersTagakaulon.properPeople from the headwaters
people from the river sourcesTagaka͡uluTagaka͡ulun.properpeople from the river sources4.1.9.8Family, clan
people in the same generationkalingdengankaliŋdɜŋanNIf a person is kalingdengan with someone else, the two of them are of or from the same generation., sister
people of who you share a common bondinulug 2ʔinulugn.massIf a person addresses another as inulug, they are saying they share a common bond or purpose.
people residing with s.o., otherka-epedanan 1ka.ʔɜpɜdananNothers residing with
pepper, small redkatumbalkatumbalNa small, red pepperKatumbal is condiment food used to make food spicy hot. The plant produces small red fruit which is very spicy hot. food plantsBotbotany
perceive s.th.at an animal is tame, s.o.magnek1vb.statIf an animal is said to be magnek, it is tame and will stay close to or inside a house and are not afraid of people.antmalyaw1.6.6Animal group
perceive somethingmakalabetVsomeone will be able to understand
perchapun2ˈʔa.punSCE.perch; alightder.apunander.apunanander.mapun3der.nyapunmapun3ˈʔa.puna.punVs.th. will perch; alight on
perfect formatinaw3tinawvb.statIf a young unmarried woman is matinaw, she is perfect match for some man.
perhapsbasibasiconjperhaps9.4.4.1Certainly, definitely9.4.4.5Uncertainpagaw1 2pagawconjperhaps
perhaps there still is (something)awun pa ’gyaPhr.perhaps there still is (something)
perilkalatayankalatayanNdestruction; danger
permittumbay1tumbaySCE.permit; allowder.migtumbay2der.pagtumbayder.tumbayander.tumbayen
permit another to accompany them or yet another, s.o. willpa-agad3 1ˈʔa.gadRLpya-agad3vb.trans.motIf a person pa-agad they are permitting someone to accompany another person.
permit s.th.. willtumbayan 1Vwill allow s.th.; will permit s.th.
permittedmigtumbay2tumbayVs.o. permitted; s.o. allowed3. authority3.3.4.1Give permission3.2.5.4Agree with someone
persecutedpyamulayamanVs.o. is being persecuted; oppressed
persecuted, s.o. ispigpamulayamanVs.o. is persecuted
persistsegseg1sɜgsɜgSCE.verbally persistentder.migsasegsegay
persist about s.th.gyelgel2gɜlgɜlVpersist about s.th.
persist about s.th., willgelgelen2gɜlgɜlVwill persist about s.th. Seen as bad.
persistant in strugglemabulut2ma.ˈbu.lutvb.statIf a man is known as being mabulut , he is either persistant in his struggle, fearless, or domineering.