English - Tagakaulo


persistentkabulut2bulutvb.statfearlessness; persistent
persistent cough, be afflicted withpigkelkelan3kɜlkɜlVbe.afflicted with persistent cough
persistent in a bad waygelgel1gɜlgɜlRLgyelgel2SCE.persistent in a bad wayder.gelgelen2
persistently determined, s.o. issyumegseg2syu.mɜg.sɜgVTo be persistent via physical contact such leaning, pushing, or repeatedly tapping someone else.Simselseg3.3.1.6Determined4.3.1.5Patient
personutaw1ʔutawRLkya͡utawan2n.concreteAn utaw is any kind of human being or person.2Personder.gitawander.ka-utawder.ka͡utawder.ma͡utawder.nya͡utawder.pagka-utawunid.wa’y utaw
person left, not onewa’y pulu-anwaʔy pulu.ʔanadj.Phr.not one person left
person one has had intercourse with, thepig-ipidan2ʔipidVthe person one has had intercourse with
person who is quiet natured , abatul2batulvb.stata person who is quiet natured
perspiringinitan1ʔinitVIf a person will be very initan he is doing something that will cause him to perspire.Initan da aku.I am sweating.Literally: place of overheating2.2.6Sweat
persuaded (with words or logic), s.o.nyagagad2gagadVIf a person or persons nyagagad others as they discuss, they are attempting to persuade or bring them along to believe in their point-of-view.
pesos, monetary denomination ofpisuspisusNPisus is one pesos, a monetary denomination of money.6.8.6Money
pestlealuˈʔa.luNThe pole or pestle for pounding rice is an alu.
pharmacybutika 1.1Npharmacy
Philippine cockatookalye'Na Philippine cockatoo (white parrot)kakatoe haematuropygia1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
Philippine.bobook.owlkulaguNa Philippine Bobook owla night bird, the size of a chicken. It has a very loud call.Ninox philippensis spilocephala1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
Philippine.coucalsaguksuk 1sa.guk.sukNA Philippine CoucalIt is recognized by its black color and chestnut colored wings, and long back claws.Centropus virdis viridus
Philippine.eaglemalambegekmalambɜgɜkNa Philippine eagleA malabegek is officially called the Philippine eagle but is also known as a monkey-eating eagle and is the largest eagle in the world. They once inhabited the forests of Malungun municipality.Pithecophaga Jefferyi1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
Philippine.green.pigeonpunay 1pu.nayNa Philippine green pigeonTreron pompadora axillaris1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
Philippine.koelkuwahawNa Philippine koelmale. It is recognized by its all black color, with a gloss of blue-green. Its call sounds like: kwa-haao, kwa-haao,.Eudynamys scolopacea mindanensis1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithologytahawtahawNa Philippine koelThe Philippine koel bird which calls its name at night: tig-tahaw; tig-tahaw. When the tahaw migrates to the uplands its appearance and call is a sign as to when to plant rice.k. ofbaninala'bulaguku'2limukun1manganaypukpuktaligtigtukmuEudynamys scolopacea mindanensis1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
Philippine.trogonkalipudu'Na Philippine trogonharpactes ardens ardens1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
Phillippine.mallard.duckpatupa.tuNa Philippine mallard duckAnas luzonica1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
photograph picturediklatudiklatuinf. var.litlatuNphotograph picture
physical defect (in an animal)se-eyNphysical defect (in an animal)Simpangelaykelay
pick (fruit)ipu'1ʔipuʔRLkya-ipu-an2SCE.pick (fruit)der.mig-ipu'2
pick a fighttugbuk1tugbukSCE.pick a fightSimagbeten 1degdeg1der.pigtugbukan2
pick food from their teeth, s.o. willmaninga1ma.ˈni.ŋaVIf someone gets food particles stuck between their teeth they will get a sharp stick and pick out the food from their teeth
pick licesiksikSCE.pick liceder.maniksikder.nyaniksikder.siksikan
pick up s.th. on groundpulut1pulutSCE.pick up s.th. on groundder.kapulutan3der.nyamulut3der.nyulut
pickedpagpamalli'Na thing chosen from all the rest
picked a fight with s.o.pigtugbukan2tugbukVpicked a fight with s.o.4.8.2Fight
picked up s.th from ground, s.o.nyamulut3pulutVs.o. picked up some objects from off the ground
picking teethmaninga2Npicking teeth2.1.1.5Tooth2.1.1.4Mouth
piece from a whole [said of leaven], onesanggiwa'adjone piece from a whole [said of leaven]
piece of the whole (of bread dough), littlegiwa'SCE.little piece of the whole (of bread dough)comp.sanggiwa'
piece, wholebukbukadj.cnt.whole piece8.1.6Whole, completecomp.sambuk1comp.sambuk2
piercetugsuk1 1tugsukSCE.pierceder.tugsukun2
pierce throughlagbas1 1lagbasSCE.penetrate; pierce throughder.lumagbas2
pierce through with sword or other pointed objectdugsang1dug.saŋSCE.pierce through with sword or other pointed objectder.pigdugsang2
piercedpigdugsang2dugsaŋVpiercedPigdugsang ya mata ku na sambuk na utaw.My eye was pierced by another person.
pig snort repeatedlymig-agumu2ʔa.ˈgu.muVpig snort repeatedly
pig spearkalawitkalawitNpig spear
pig spear, tie-string ofkalimbukutkalimbukutNA kalimbukut is the tie-string on a pig spear which attaches the spearhead to the shaft., shoot
pig, adult studbandakuba.ˈda.kuNa domestic male pig used for stud1.6.7Male and female animals1.6.3Animal life cycle1. animalsZoolzoology
pig, domestictaku'ˈta.kuʔNany kind of domestic pig1. animalsZoolzoology
pig, sowanāyʔa.naiNa sow pig that has just given birth to litter of piglets1.6.7Male and female animals1.6.3Animal life cycle1. animalsZoolzoology
pig, very young domkulis2kulisNA kulis is young domestic pig about 2-3 weeks old and is distinguished by its markings.1.6.1Types of animalsZoolzoology
pig, wildbulakanbulakanNwild pigusaʔusaNa wild pig1.6.1.1Mammal1. animalsZoolzoology
pig, wild femaletale'ta.lɜʔNa wild female pigDevtale' na kalmukantale'carnivora Artiodactyla Suidae2.6.5Male, female1.6.1.1Mammal1. animalsZoolzoologyunspec. comp. formtale' na kalmukan
pigeonkalupati 1kalupatiNa pigeon1.6.1.2BirdZoolzoology