English - Tagakaulo


pigeon, green.imperial.gulu'2gu.luʔNa green imperial pigeonDulcula aenea aenea1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithologylumu'lumuʔNgreen imperial pigeon1.6.1.2Bird
pigeon, pink-bellied.imperial.baludˈba.ludNa pink-bellied imperial pigeon1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
piglet, young domesticbaktinˈbak.tinNa young domestic piglet1.6.1.1Mammal1.6.3Animal life cycle1. animalsZoolzoology
pile up debrisbukad1 1ˈbu.kadSCE.pile up debrisder.pabukadan2der.pigbukad
pile up in heaptipunuk1tipunukSCE.pile up in heapder.nyangkatipunuk2
pile up like a wallbaliligSCE.pile up like a wallder.nyabalilig
piled up in a heap, becamenyangkatipunuk2tipunukVbecame piled up in a heap7.5.1Gather
pillowkamākamāNA kam¥ isa pillow used to rest one's head while sleeping.
pillow, a thing used asulunan 1ʔulunanVa thing used as pillow
pinch s.o., willkebengenVwill pinch s.o.
pinch to hold togetherlipidSCE.pinch to hold togetherder.lipiden
pinch togethersipit2SCE.pinch together
pinch together to hold in place, willlipidenVwill pinch together to hold in placeLipiden ya kogon.The cogon grass will be pinched together in place.
pineapplepandan 1pandanNthe pineapple plant and its fruitThe pineapple or pinya was originally from the Americas.Ananas comosus1.5.3.1garden food plantsBotbotany
pinkeye, afflicted withtagamatatagamatavb.statafflicted with pinkeye2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease
pink-necked.green.pigeonpunay 2pu.nayNa pink-necked green pigeonTreron vernans vernans1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
pinwormsupad-upadʔu.pad.ʔu.padNpinworms that make one's anus itchy1.6.1.9Small animals
pitch, lowlagunglaguŋSCE.low pitchder.malagung2
pityallat1ʔallatSCE.pityder.kallatder.mallat2kallat 4kaal.laatRLkyallatvb.statpityder.kallatander.nyallatkilalatkilalatSCE.pity
pivottikwag1tikwagsp. var.tikwadSCE.pivotder.tumikwag
pivot on a fulcrum, willtumikwagRLtyumikwag2Vwill pivot on a fulcrum
pivoted on a fulcrumtyumikwag2tikwagVIf something tyumikwag such as a bench, plank, scale; it is pivoting on a fulcrum point.
placebanwa 1ˈban.waNplace1.2.1Landid.kadakula' na banwacomp.tagbanwa
place a curse on, willtullununVwill place a curse on
place a strong blame on s.o.pigsāla'2sālaʔVreproach; place a strong blame on s.o.
place a strong blame on someonesāla'1sālaʔSCE.reproach; place a strong blame on someoneSimpigselselder.pigsāla'2
place animal in water to cool, willmagpalubug2lubugVwill place animal in water to coolMagpalubug da sa kalabaw.(He) is +cooling off the water buffalo in the +water hole.
place beforetan1taanSCE.place beforeSaid when s.o. is fetching waterder.pigtander.tanen
place by moving s.th. to a high locationpakatasanVplace by moving s.th. to a high location
place for putting things, alantalanlan.ˈta.lanNa place for putting things
place hands side by sidemigpungu2puŋuVplace hands side by sideMigpungu aku sa kamaw.I placed my hands (palms down) side by side.
place into confinement, willkalabusuwunVwill place into confinement
place of worshipsimbahanNchurch; place of worship
place on head, willtulungantu.luŋanVwill place something on one’s headTulungan nan ya corona adti ulu mu.He will place a crown on your head.
place one’s feet resttuwadanVthe place one’s feet restantulunan 2
place one’s thumb between index finger and middle finger, s.o. willmagpalisitVs.o. will place one’s thumb between index finger and middle finger
place out of reachkawad 2kawadplace out of reachSanipan ya badi' adti atep mata' di' kakawadan na manga ise'.Insert the small knife in the rafters of the roof so that it will not be +reached by the children.der.kakawadan
place right-hand over one’s heart as sign of deep respectpigkeme'Vplace right-hand over one’s heart as sign of deep respect
place s.th. before a water source (to collect water), willtanentaanVwill place s.th. before a water source (to collect water)
place s.th. betweenpa‑eletanVplace s.th. between
place s.th. food on a table or eating placepigpa-engatVplace s.th. food on a table or eating place
place s.th. out of reachkakawadanVplace s.th. out of reach
place s.th. side by side, willtangkilenVwill place s.th. side by side
place s.th. under something elsesaladanVplace s.th. under something else
place s.wh., did notwala' pagbetanganPhr.did not place s.wh.
place side by sidetagtag1tag.tagSCE.place side by sideput in consecutive orderder.magtagtagder.nyatagtag2der.pagtagtagan
place someone rules over, apigdumala͡anVa place someone rules over
place to cross (shallow place in a river)talipagantalipaganVplace to cross (shallow place in a river)
place to dry thingsbeladananbɜladananNdrier; place to dry things