English - Tagakaulo


plundered s.th.pigtaban2tabanVIf some people raid a village and pigtaban it, they have plundered the place, taking away everything they consider of value.
plundering, process oftabanenVprocess of plundering4.8.3.8Plunder
point of disintegrationlungu1luŋuSCE.point of disintegrationder.malungu2
point of s.th.tuktuk 1tuktukNA tuktuk is the point of some object such the peak of a mountain, the pointed tip of a knife, or the top of a tree.Tuktuk can be applied to the corners of a piece of cloth.id.tuktuk na abaid.tuktuk na buntudid.tuktukan na uwakder.tuktukay
point.totulli'1tul.liʔSCE.point to2.3.1.4Show, let someone seeder.pigtulli'2der.tulli-ayder.tulli-en2
point.to, will.tulli-en2tul.liʔVwill point to2.3.1.4Show, let someone see
pointed stakes used for impalingsaluwatsaluwatinf. var.salwatNSaluwat is a stake or stakes made of wood or bamboo, sharpened to points and placed in the ground or hole in the ground whose purpose it to impale. Used for making a defensive perimeter around a stockade, or used in pig trap at the bottom of a hole.6.4.2Trap4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot
pointed, make italitan2ˈʔa.litVmake it pointed
pointing.to.s.t.pigtulli'2tul.liʔVpointing to s.th., let someone see
poisonbaleng 1ˈba.lɜŋNpoison2.5.3.2Poisonder.magbaleng2der.nyabalengder.nyakababaleng2baleng 2ˈba.lɜŋSCE.poisonder.magbaleng2der.nyabalengder.nyakababaleng2
poisonednyakababaleng2babalɜŋvb.statpoisoned9.1.1.2Become, change state2.5.3.2Poison
poisoned, bekatadengan 1katadɜŋanvb.statIf a person is said to be katadengan, he has been overcome by some charm medicine, hex, poison, or some sickness that is from the skills of a shaman.4.9.4Miracle, supernatural power2.5.5Cause of disease
poisoned, hexed, charmed, onekatadengan 2.1one poisoned, hexed, charmed
poisoned, s.th. isnyabalengVs.th. is poisonedNyabaleng ya inemenen.The drink is poisoned.
poisons, s.o.magbaleng2ˈba.lɜŋVs.o. poisons
pole with hook and knife at endkawit1ka.ˈwitNA kawit is a long pole used for harvesting coconut fruit and has a hook and knife at end.der.kawiten3
pomelo treebu‑ungunbu‑uŋunNpomelo treeTree of medium height and bears a citrus fruit, 18-20 cm in diameter, thick, green skin. Fruit is good to eat. The yellow variety tends to be sour, the red variety sweeter.1.5.1TreeBotbotany
pomelo, nativekabugawkabugawNnative pomeloA variety of pomelo tree which can be identified by its fruit. The fruit has thick yellow skin and yellow-green sections.Rutaceae Citrus grandis (suha)1.5.1TreeBotbotany
pomelo, red, sweetbu-ungungbu.ʔu.ŋuŋNred, sweet pomelo
ponddanawdanawNlake; pond1.3.1.1Ocean, lakeGeoggeography
ponderpag-anenganengenvb.cognponder3.2.1.1Think about
pool or collect up water behind a dammigleg2miglɜɜgVpool or collect up water behind a damThe dam is usually not man-made.1.3.1Bodies of water
popping soundnyabutu-butu'Vpopping soundsound made by bamboo when the air between the nodes heats up in a fire and explodes; or the sound made by popping popcorn. of sounds
porcelain container, k.o. largebagakba.ˈgakNA bagak is a tall porcelain container with four handles and a lid; and was used to store water and food.A large ornate porcelain container obtain from the Spanish and was either made by them or by the Chinese. It is consider one of the treasures of the Tagakaulo in times past.Simsinampalan6.7.7Container
portionbagi'1 3ˈba.giʔder. ofbagi'1 3portionbagi'1 3portionSCE.portionder.bagi-an2der.kabagi-ander.kabagi'der.magbagi'der.mangagi'der.bagi-an1bagi-i
portion received by s.o.bagi-an1Vportion received by s.o.
possesskatagtunVpossess; own (neutral)Used with “wala'”
possess /own, is not able towala' pakatagtunPhr.is not able to possess /own
possess or own something, someone will be able tomakatagtunVsomeone will be able to possess or own something
possess s.th., willmatagtun 1Vwill possess s.th.
possess, able topakatagtunVable to possessUsed in the negative--wala' pakatagtun
possess, someone is able tonyakatagtunVsomeone is able to possess or own something
possessed s.th., s.o.tyumagtun2 2tagtunVs.o. possessed s.th.
possessions, valuableka-unanka.ʔunann.massvaluable possessionsUsually one’s livestock, heirlooms, money but this varies from person to person what they consider ka-unan.
post, supportaligiʔa.ˈli.giNIf a post is a main support post it is an aligi.The kind of post that are desirable for as an +aligi are those that come from hardwood trees such as +tupas, +gisek, +balayung, etc.
pot, large clay cookingpalalibanpalalibancfkulunpalalibanNA palaliban is a large clay cooking pot.These kind of pots are very rarely seen among the Tagakaulu Kalagan people anymore because everyone has turn to using aluminum and plastic for kitchen ware.Simallitkulun
pot, metal cookingkalnidukalniduNA kalnidu is any size of metal cooking pot or kettle. 6.7.7Container
pot, small clayallitˈʔal.litNAn allit is was a small clay cooking pot.Simkulunpalaliban6.7.7Container
potato, sweetkasila'kasilaʔNcamote; sweet potato (generic term)The kasila' is related to kangkong and morning glory. The green tops are eaten as a vegetable and are rich in vitamin A.Ipomoea batatas1.5.3.4edible rootsBotbotanycomp.kasila' kawuyid.kasila' na ibidid.kasila' tigasaw
potion or medicine used to keep someone from killing youkobadNpotion or medicine used to keep someone from killing you
pounce on a prey to kill, willdagitenVwill pounce on a prey to kill
pound corn in mortarpigbagal2bagalVpound corn in mortarBagalen ku ya batad.I will pound the corn in the mortar.
pound corn in mortar, willbagalen2ba.ga.lɜnVwill pound corn in mortarBagalen ku ya batad.I will pound the corn in the mortar. in mortar and pestle
pound metal flatlubaglubagSCE.pound metal flat
pound to piecessakul1sakulSCE.pound to pieces; pulverizeUsed in conext of preparing, and processing the heart core of a lumbiya palm.der.magsakul2
pound with hammerteltegSCE.pound with hammerder.pigtelteg
pound young cornlupak1lupakSCE.pound young cornder.piglupak2
pounded s.th. else into small pieces, s.o.migdugdugVs.o. pounded s.th. else into small pieces