English - Tagakaulo


pounded s.th. in a mortarpigbabayuwanVpounded s.th. in a mortar
pounded s.th. with a hammerpigteltegVpounded s.th. with a hammerPigtelteg ni Sil na buntuk ya ulud.Sir pounded /beat the snake with a hammer.
pounding rice at same time, three womenmagtulutulu2tulutuluVthree women pounding rice at same time
pour boiling water overlapuwa1lapuwaVpour boiling water overder.maglapuwa2der.palapuwa
pour boiling water over s.t., willmaglapuwa2lapuwaVIf a person maglapuwa a chicken, they will pour boiling water over it in order to remove the feathers.
pour freely through a holebusbusbusbusVpour freely through a hole
pour in a skinny streambulusun2ˈbu.lusVpour in a skinny streamBulusun ya umay aw panid na samet.Pour in a skinny stream the rice seed and carry away by the wind.
pour liquid into cupstigistigisSCE.pour liquid into cups1.3.2Movement of waterder.pigtigisan
pour outasag 1ʔa.sagSCE.pour outder.asagander.kya-asagander.nyasagder.pig-asagander.wala' asagi
pour out of a place to do s.th.pagdanganVgroup of people to do the same thing at a placeSuch as when a door opens and a large group of people come pouring out of a place.
pour out s.th. (usually s.th. liquid), willasaganVwill pour out s.th. (usually s.th. liquid)
pour out s.th. on me, s.o. did notwala' asagiPhr.s.o. did not pour out s.th. on me
pour out, willasag 2ʔa.sagVwill pour outder.asagander.kya-asagander.nyasagder.pig-asagander.wala' asagi
pour over a set boundarysalipuwa1salipuwaRLsyumalipuwa2SCE.pour over a set boundaryOf a wave of water:id.syumalipuwa ya tubig
pour water for me (Cmd)tigisiVpour water for me (Cmd)
poured a drink in a cup for s.o.pigtigisanVpoured a drink in a cup for s.o.
poured on by a liquid, bekya-asaganVbe poured on by a liquid
poured over a set boundary, s.th.syumalipuwa2salipuwaVs.th. poured over a set boundary
poured s.th. out of a containerpig-asaganpig.ʔasaganVpoured s.th. out of a container1.3.3Wet
powderpulbuspulbusNPulbus is any kind of powder or things made into powder such as ground coffee.
power and authority, supernaturalkatulus2tulusvb.statsupernatural power and authority
practicekasilinganVpractice; imitatepakasilingVpractice
practice s.th., shouldsilingen 2Vshould practice s.th.
practice, not able towala' pakasilingPhr.not able to practiceWala' pa aku pakasiling seiy.I have not yet been able to practice it.
praisedeyen 2ˈdɜ.yɜnNpraiseder.deyenander.dyeyender.madeyenpigsaya'Vpraise; speak highly of s.o.saya'1sayaʔSCE.praise; think highly ofder.magpasaya'2der.magsaya'2der.pigsaya'
praise another, cause s.o. tomagpasaya'2sayaʔVIf a young child magpasaya' her mother, the child is causing her mother to praise her because of the things she does (usually because the baby or child is cute).
praise s.th. or s.o.deyenanVpraise s.th. or s.o.
praise, process of givingdeyen 1ˈdɜ.yɜnVpraise, process of givingSynmagsaya'2der.deyenander.dyeyender.madeyen
praiseddyeyenVpraised (automatic response)Usually used in the context of praising God.
praisesmagsaya'2sayaʔVadmires; praises; thinks highly of s.o.Syndeyen
prawnulabangʔu.la.baŋNa shrimp; prawn1.6.1.9Small animals5.2FoodZoolzoology
praydasaldasalSCE.praytawagtawag1tawagtawagSCE.prayOnce used by Tagakaulo to call out to the spirits and their ancestors. The term as has adopted for church prayer by the present generation.der.manawagtawagder.nyanawagtawag2der.panawagtawag
pray for s.o. (command)panawagtawagiVpray for s.o. (command)
pray, willmanawagtawagtawagtawagVwill pray
prayed, s.o.nyanawagtawag2nyanawagtawagV s.o. prayed
praying mantisbalitˈba.litNpraying mantis1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
prays for s.o.pyanawagtawaganVprays for s.o.
preachermag‑ubat‑ubatay 2NpreachermagbabekkalayNevangelizer
preaching of s.o.ubat‑ubat 4ʔubat.ʔubatverb.noun.phr.the preaching of s.o.; the sermon of...sa ubat-ubat ni Pédro....the preaching of Pedro.der.mag‑ubat‑ubatayder.pag-ubat-ubat1der.pag-ubat-ubat2der.pig-ubat-ubatder.pig‑ubat‑ubatander.ubat-ubatander.ubat‑ubati
preaching, s.o.pig-ubat-ubatvb.utts.o. telling; preaching
pregnant, s.o. ismabdesmaab.dɜsvb.statIf a woman is mabdes she is in the continuing state of being pregnant. is pregnant2.6.3.1Pregnancy
pregnant, state of beingkabdes2kaab.dɜsvb.statbe pregnant2.6.3.1Pregnancy
premiseindeganan 1ʔindɜgananNbasisIf a person has an indeganan in a debate, he has a basis or premise for his argument., character9.6.2.4Basis
preparation of food, immediatepalawunpa.ˈlauVimmediate preparation of food
prepare ahead of timepalapa.ˈlacfdadan2palaAdvprepare ahead of timepalāpalāvb.auxprepare ahead of time