English - Tagakaulo


warn of a bad sign or misfortunemigbala'2ba.ˈlaʔVIf something migbala' it is a bad sign and is a warning to someone of imminent misforture, accident, disaster or danger.Migbala' da ya limukun.The call of the omen dove is giving a warning of something bad.
warpbukladbukladNwarp; single thread
wartbutigbutigNa skin wart2.5.2.2Skin disease2.1.4SkinMedimedicine
wash by wiping s.th. dirty off one’s bodypigbunakanVwash by wiping s.th. dirty off one’s body
wash clothesbegsakbɜgsakinf. var.bugsakSCE.wash clothesder.begsakander.begsakenender.magbegsakder.migbegsak
wash clothes, s.o. willmagbegsakbɜgsakVs.o. will wash clothes
wash cutleryugas1ʔugasSCE.wash cutleryder.mag-ugas2der.ugasan
wash handsunawʔunawSCE.wash hands5.6.1Clean, dirty5.6Cleaningneg.ex.phrwala' pag‑unaw
wash hands, did notwala' pag‑unawPhr.did not wash hands
wash one’s face by splashingkulamuskulamusSCE.wash one’s face by splashing
wash part of the body with water by rubbing, willpagbunakVwill wash part of the body with water by rubbing
wash s.th. (such as dishes)-cmdugasanVwash s.th. (such as dishes)-cmdUgasan ya platu tigkas pesenen.Wash the plates then move aside (to another place).
wash s.th., willbegsakanVwill wash s.th.
wash s.wh. on one’s body (cmd)bunakanVwash s.wh. on one’s body (cmd)
wash up, tonyampaka-anggin2ˈʔaŋ.ginVIf debri nyampaka-anggin on the shore of the ocean or on the bank of a river, it has washed up.
washed clothes, s.o.migbegsakbɜgsakVs.o. washed clothes
washed out by backlighting, becomemagkasulilab1sulilabVbecome washed out by backlightingMagkasulilab ya iskreen kay kalalamdag.The screen is washed out because of the (sun)light.der.makasulilab
washes dishes, s.o.mag-ugas2ʔugasVs.o. washes dishes5.6.1Clean, dirty5.6Cleaning
washes things (dishes, plate, silverware), s.o.mamagnasVs.o. washes things (dishes, plate, silverware)
wasp, k otabulugta.bu.lugNa kind of wasp1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
wasp, kind ofbuyugbuyugNkind of wasp1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
wasp, smalllapinig1la.pi.nigNa small wasp1.6.1.7InsectZoolzoology
wastebuwasagSCE.wasteWhen used with a negative preceding it means: frugalid.dili' buwasagdagwas1dagwasSCE.wasteder.dagwasen2sapad1sapadRLsyapadanSCE.wasteder.pigsapad2der.sapadansapadsapadSCE.wasteder.migsapadsapadtipak1 2tipakSCE.waste; scrap (of what is chopped out)der.pigtipakder.tipaken2
waste part of a logtabluntablunNA tablun is the part of a felled tree that when it is cut into sections and then the logs are trimmed square, it is the curved waste (sides) part of the log. product
waste somethingdagwasen2dagwasVwaste somethingSynpigsapad2
waste, what asapadansapadanVIf someone drops some rice or meat on the ground and some says sapadan, they are making a statement and saying, "what a waste."
wasted resources, s.o. or s.th.migsapadsapadVs.o. or s.th. wasted resources
wasted s.th.pigsapad2sapadVwasted s.th.Syndagwasen2
wasted, s.th.syapadanVs.th. wasted
watch as spectatorbantay2ˈban.ta͡iSCE.watch as spectator2.3.1.2Watchder.bantayider.magbabantayay1der.migbantay
watch out formagpakatanawVwatch out forSimmagpakatadeng2.3.1.2Watchpakatanawan2tanawVwatch out for
watch out!magpakatadengVwatch out! Be wise concerning something (cmd)Simmagpakatanaw
watch s.t. (in a distance)tandaw1 2tandawcfinunu1tandaw1SCE.watch s.th. (in a distance)
watch s.th. (cmd)bantayiVwatch s.th. (cmd)
watch s.th., willbantayanRLbyantayanVwill watch s.th.
watcher, amagbabantayay1ˈban.taıNa watcher2.3.1.2Watch
watchesmagbantayVs.o. watches; supervises
watchingmigbantayVIf someone migbantay something, they are watching, observing, or viewing an event.
waterdalem na tubigdalɜm na tubigadj.Phr.beneath the water; underwater1.3.4Be in watertubig 1tubigRLtyubiganNwater1.3Waterid.dakula' na tubigid.dalem na tubigid.ebel na tubigid.kababawan na tubigid.kalalem na tubigid.kyalegeban ya tubigsay.masleg ya tubigder.migtubigid.syumalipuwa ya tubigid.tagbanwa na tubigtubig na masintubig na masinadj.Phr.salt water; sea water1.3.6Water quality
water ??, rushingnyuntul2buntulVrushing water ??
water backed upmigsugubsugubVwater backed up1.3Water
water bug, kind ofdallak 1dal.lakNkind of water bug found in water holes1.6.1.7Insect
water evaporatednyati ya tubignyati ya tubigv.phrwater evaporatedSimpigseyep1.3.3.1Dry
water far from shore, in deeppagpalawudVin deep water far from shore
water from washing rice, whitelānutla:nutNwhite water from washing rice
water habitually backs upmagsugubsugubVwater habitually backs up
water is rushingbyuntulan2buntulVwater is rushing
water recedednyeyedVwater receded
water rush ???, s.th. will makemuntulVs.th. will make water rush ???
water that habitually flows out overmagbusagmag.ˈbu.sagVwater that habitually flows out overMagbusag ya tubig ad dalem.Water continually flows over the (waterfall) down below.