English - Tagakaulo


wood (to burn) -pl., s.o. gotnyangamangVs.o. got wood (to burn) -pl.
wood chip, smallgiwi'giwiʔNA giwi' is a small wood chip. product
wood chislesangkapsaŋkapRLkyasangkapan3Nwood chisle9.5.1.2Instrument
wood frame of a new housepatalpatalNA patal is the wood frame structure of a newly house consisting also of a roof and floor but before there are walls, doors, or partitions.6.5Working with buildings6.5.1Buildingder.migpatal
wood pile, burningdapug1da.ˈpugNprimburning wood pileder.dapugender.nyadapug
wood shoes, nativebakya'bak.yaʔNnative wood shoes
wood), dry rottedlugbuklugbukvb.statIf a piece of wood is lugbuk, it has dry rot and is no good.
woodpecker, crimsom-backed.bulatukbulatukNa crimsom-backed woodpecker1.6.1.2BirdOrnornithology
woods, smallkakawuyanNwoods; grove of trees
woody.portion.of.edible.roots, the.ugat2ʔugatNthe woody portion of edible roots1.5.5Parts of a plantBotbotany
wordtingeg2 1tiŋɜgder. oftingeg2 1wordNTingeg is a word.
word or words used to scare off a chicken or dogsa'2Phr.word or words used to scare off a chicken or dogSaid very loud. And the dog or chicken usually run away.
word, make s.th. withmamandayVmake s.th. with word
words used to scare off a catseka' seka'Phr.words used to scare off a cat
words used to scare off a dogatabeg atabeg atabegPhr.words used to scare off a dog
workpigpan-imo'1n.possdthings one does; worktalabahu1talabahuinf. var.talabapuNA person's talabahu is their work or kind of labor they do.6.1Workder.magtalabahu2der.migtalabahu2der.pigtalabahu
work with wood, one who knows how topanday 1pandayNone who knows how to work with woodder.magpandayunspec. comp. formmamanday
work, qualitynyanigadsad ya pagtalabahunyanigadsad ya pagtalabahuquality work
worked, someonepigtalabahuVsomeone worked; labored
working as a unitpigsambukanVworking as a unit
working, hardasebʔasɜbSCE.hard workingder.kasebder.magka-asebder.magkasebder.maseb
working, s.o. ismigtalabahu2talabahuVs.o. is working
works habitually, s.o.magtalabahu2talabahuVs.o. works habitually
works hard, s.o.nyapagudVs.o. works hard
wormulud 2ʔu.ludNany kind of worm.' uluda
worm, glowanunutʔa.ˈnu.nutNa glow worm red in color and is distinquished by its ability to glow in the dark. animalsZoolzoology
worms writhing (in s.th. rotten)migguwalguwal2guwalguwalVIf worms are in something rotten or decaying are migguwalguwal, they are writhing and crawling through it and feasting.
wormy, was notwala' uludaPhr.was not wormy
worn an abrasion on skin, the thing that has apakpakan2pakpakVIf something is pakpakan, it is the thing that has a worn spot or friction sore on its skin.
worn as a custom by a person, somethingpagsutunVsomething worn as a custom by a person
worn outkya-ilawan2 2kya.ʔī.la.ˈwanVsecbe tired; worn out physicallyluwékluwɜkvb.statworn out
worn out, bemalumay 3lumayvb.statIf something is said to be malumay, it is mecanically weak from stress or much use, and is no longer strong.
worn spot from rubbing, the thing that has agalasgas2galasgasVIf a article of clothing is galasgasan, it is the thing which has developed a worn spot caused by continuous friction.
worriedmagkakamang ya ginawamagkakamaŋ ya ginawaPhr.anxious; concerned; worried
worried about s.o., s.o.nyaypengVs.o. worried about s.o.
worrieskakaypenganVworries; cares; anxieties
worry, don'tdili' magkakamang ya ginawan.phr.don't worry
worshippigsimba 1VworshipsimbasimbaSCE.worshipid.allaw na pagsimbader.magsimbader.manimbader.nyanimbader.pagpanimbader.pagsimbader.panimbader.pigsimba
worship, willmanimbaVwill worship
worshipingpagsimba 2Nworshiping...sangkamulu' na pa-agi sa pagsimba sa Tyumanem.different was the way of worshiping God.id.allaw na pagsimba
worshiping s.th.pagsimba 1Vworshiping s.th. ...abus da pagsimba dun sa Tyumanem....(they) were already finished worshipping God there.id.allaw na pagsimba
worshiping [pl.]pagpanimbaVworshiping [pl.] ...magsambuk silan sa pagpanimba....they were united in their worshiping.
worshippedpanimbaVworshippedNeutral form: used with existentials such as dun and wala'.
worthalaga'ʔa.ˈla.gaʔNIf something has alaga', it has value or worth.
worthlesssange'2saŋɜʔvb.statfoolish; worthless3.2.1.4Stupidwa’y gunawa’y gunaadj.Phr.worthless
worthless (as in lazy)palatpalatpalatpalatadjuseless; worthless (as in lazy)
woundpali'1paliʔRLkyapali-an2NA pali' is any cut or wound on one's skin.2.5.3Injureder.kapali-an