English - Tagakaulo


wound caused by s.th. sharpkapali-anVwound caused by s.th. sharp
wound festered and got biggermignagnag2nagnagVwound festered and got biggerMignagnag ya pali' ku.My wound is +festering and +getting +bigger.2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease
wound that festerspali' na bulantukann.phr.GangreneA wound that smells and festers.
wound up by wrapping something around s.th. elsepigbedbed3bɜdbɜdVwound up by wrapping something around s.th. else
wounded, becamekyapali-an2paliʔvb.statbecame wounded2.5.3Injure
woven container with large open spaces, kind ofbalyabalyaNkind of woven container with large open spaces
wrap a garment around one’s selfsalugmuysalugmuySCE.wrap a garment around one’s self; stand inside a tadyung 5.4Adornment5.3.7Wear clothing
wrap aroundtampuk1tampukSCE.wrap around; bandageder.nyakatampuk2
wrap around one’s shoulder in order to stay warmkulimutku.li.mutVwrap around one’s shoulder in order to stay warmSimsalogmot
wrap around skirt, kind ofdagmaydagmayNkind of wrap around skirt
wrap of metal around fingerpaningsingpaniŋsiŋNA paningsing is a thin piece of metal wrapped around a woman's finger like a ring.5.4Adornment5.3.7Wear clothingder.paningsing
wrap s.th. several times around s.th. else, s.o. was able tonyakatampuk2tampukVs.o. was able to wrap s.th. several times around s.th. else
wrap s.th. up in, willputusun2putusVwill wrap s.th. up inPutusun nilan ya kalabu.They will +wrap +up the nails in something.
wrap something in something elsebalungkutbaluŋkutSCE.wrap something in something else
wrap thread or rope many timesbadbadbadbadMansaka: to unravel; untieSCE.wrap thread or rope many times
wrap upputus1putusSCE.wrap upder.pigputusder.putusun2
wrap up in to stay warmsalogmotsalogmotinf. var.sulogmotSCE.wrap up in to stay warmSaid of what one does with a dagmay:Simkulimut
wrapped aroundtyumampuk2tampukVs.o. wrapped around; bandaged
wrapped s.o. in a burial matgyakes2gakɜsVwrapped s.o. in a burial mat Gyakes nami ya nyatay.We wrapped the body of the dead person in the burial mat wrap.When a Tagakaulo person died in former times, the body was wrapped in a gakes which consisted of a woven sleeping mat and lanut rope wrapped around it eight times.
wrapped up s.th. up inpigputusVwrapped up s.th. up in
wrestled with s.o. or s.th., s.o.migbenget2ˈbɜ.ŋɜtVs.o. wrestled with s.o. or s.th.4.8.2Fight4.8.3War
wring outlipes1lipɜsSCE.wring outder.lipesen2
wrinklepulipes1pulipɜsSCE.wrinkleSaid of skinder.nyangkapulipes2
wrinkled or creased, bekapiku-piku'Phr.be wrinkled or creased
wrinkled, s.th. becamenyangkapulipes2pulipɜsVs.th. became wrinkledNyangkapulipes ya giya nan.His/her skin is wrinkled.
wrinkles (clothing), nowala' kapiku-piku'Phr.no wrinkles (clothing)
wrist bandtaklaytaklayn.possdA taklay is a bracelet or wrist band.5.4.1Jewelryder.pigpanaklay
wrist, one’staklayantaklayann.possdone’s wrist2.1.3.1ArmAnatanatomy
writes, s.o. habituallymagsulatVs.o. habitually writes
writheguwalguwal1guwalguwalSCE.writhe Said of worms when feasting on rotting feces or a decaying bodyder.migguwalguwal2
writhe (like a dying snake)liwakesSCE.writhe (like a dying snake)der.maliwakes
writhingmaliwakesvb.statwrithingSaid of a dying snake that has just lost its head.
written down s.wh., bekasulatVbe written down s.wh.der.nyakasulat
written, cause something to bepigpasulatVcause something to be written
wrote down, s.o.migsulat3sulatVIf a person migsulat something, she wrote it down. wrote down