ede'1ʔɜdɜʔfr. var.ade'RLkya-ede-anSCE.knowder.migpa-ede'der.ka-ede-ananexperience gained from knowledgeka-ede-i2know s.th.ma‑ede'will be able to know about somethingmagpa-ede'2Imaka‑ede'someone will be able to knownya‑ede'someone knows about the content ofnyaka-ede'knowpa-ede-anmake known something (information)pa-ede-enwill cause s.th. to be known (as custom)pagpa-ede'the making known s.th.pigpa-ede-ancaused to be made know s.wh. pigpa-ede'caused to knowneg.ex.phrwala' ka-ede-idoes not know aboutwala' pa-ede-andid not know s.th.wala' paka-ede'not able to know