imo'1ˈʔi.moʔSCE.1do2makeder.imo-un2For a person to make something into something else.imo‑ununIf a person says he has many imo-unun, he has many things to do around the house.inimo-an2one’s creationma-imo'will make intowill become mag-imo'2For a person to make or create an object or compositions.o. habitually doesmagpaka-imo'2For a person to be capable of making an object or compositionmig‑imo'If a person mig-imo' something, she made something.nya-imo'2For something to become something else.pag-imo'2Production.pagpampa-imo'2For a person to have someone else do some tasks for them.paka-imo-un2For people to mass produce some product.pan-imo-ancause to be madepig-imo-an2If a person pig-imo-an something, he made an object for someone.made'the thing being donethe thing s.o. didpigpan-imo'2For a person to use something to make an object or composition.neg.ex.phrwala' imo-anot donenot madesay.ya pigpan-imo'the things one did